Emoticon Pillows! Part 2 (and a raffle?!)

Welcome back! : D

And to those coming here the first time, I recommend checking out Part 1 (link) if you want to see all the goodies I received from Cheritz, as well as much clearer photos of the pillow designs. (Unfortunately the indoor lighting in Part 2 doesn’t do the cushions justice.)

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
whoo hoo~! all set to do some ironing! (how… exciting…)

actually no, I forgot to turn it inside out. derp.
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

And just like cooking show magic…

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

Instantly done! XDD

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Photobucket is out to rob us.

At the moment most of my embedded images are broken. I have them hosted on Photobucket, but they suddenly decided that you have to subscribe to have your images posted on a third party website.

The subscription fees are outrageous, the most economical being $399 a year. THREE HUNDRED AND NINTY NINE DOLLARS.

I will have to switch hosts, which will take some time. In the meantime, expect broken images. Oddly enough though, they can still be viewed if you right-click to “view image in new tab.”

This article explains the issue in more detail- https://www.ghacks.net/2017/06/30/photobucket-now-charges-399-for-third-party-hosted-images/

Someone tell me this is a joke. Or some nutjob at photobucket launched this without consent… or an evil spy infiltrated and punked us all… what is this?!?! @_@ /

EDIT: In the end, I have hidden most of my WordPress posts. I will probably re-upload the images related to Mystic Messenger posts, but the rest might never see the light of day again. They were old and hardly relevant anymore so it’s not worth the effort. : /

Arrived from space! 707 hugging pillow+plus?!

I can’t get enough of Mystic Messenger stuff. No seriously, Cheritz, you guys need to release more stuff dammit! But today, I can review the new cushion featuring the one and only, Agent Seven-Zero-Seven!

This is screenshot of when he was featured on the game’s title screen (1024×761). A note, for other pic-saving nuts out there like me, some of the photos here are 500 px and other are 1000 px. I should choose a different blog format but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Step 1, cut the box open!!

Step 2, squeal in excitement! o(^▽^)o

707 cheritz box

Step 3… wait. what the heck is all that other stuff?
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V – MysMe bjd cosplay

I really love V, from Mystic Messenger.

mystic messenger v

I saw some really nice glass eyes at Mint on Card and thought, “oh~! Those are like V~!” So I found an available wig the right color too.

I had to trim it myself, because it was originally a long-haired wig. To get V’s short hairstyle, it would make more sense to use a fur wig, but I really wanted it to be fiber.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pics~! These dolls are expensive, so I just made do with what I have. ^^

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

So, how’d he turn out?
I still want to get more props and clothes to fit this lovely character~

Thanks for viewing! ^^

Mystic Messenger – Endings and General FAQ

1/5 Comments are now closed. You’ll just have carefully read the entire FAQ, or search for MM help groups. Links to guides at the bottom of the post. Good luck!
11/1 Major update and revisions. Also, check the comments for more Q&A. I moderate and edit them, so that you won’t accidentally read spoilers. ^^
Mystic Messenger is like, one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played. Not because the story is weird, no, because the whole setup and interface and requirements and parameters and junk are really gosh darn … innovative. I feel like Cheritz just threw us out to sea without a paddle. x’D

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints
(It’s ok, I’m cool with drowning amidst these hotties. 8D )

So I’m posting here a sort of… spoiler-free guide to what kinds of endings are in the game, and basic hints about what you need to do to get a good end or a bad end or better yet, the other kind of bad end that I couldn’t confirm without the assistance of some other wonderfully helpful players.^^

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Mystic Messenger ending theme – English ver.

So Mystic Messenger has a pretty English-language ending theme. I’ve decided to share a bit of it~

I felt it was a shame that the game only has the Korean version of the ending theme, so I am uploading the English version. However, it has been edited to match the length of the one found in the game. I posted the lyrics to the full song, even though the file plays just the first part.

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Mystic Messenger opening theme lyrics

Hey guys, I transcribed the lyrics for the opening theme to Cheritz’s new game, Mystic Messenger. Feel free to share and re-post this, but please don’t remove the song’s credits at the beginning. Those guys should be properly credited for making a cool song. : )

cheritz, mystic messenger, soundtrack, ost, lyrics, opening, cd
by the way this is a quick snapshot of the inside of the jewel case, the back-paper behind the CDs. ❤
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