Aki collection 1

So I finally got some things scanned in from my collection of Aki’s artwork. Part one here is of some things that have been already seen, so I decided to just do my best to give everyone a quality look at the items. The more exciting stuff will be up soon after I edit the raws. I scanned these things at 1200 dpi so the original files are huge. Here are the cropped versions:

Bromide and Pin Set

First up is the lovely bromide and pin set from Angel’s Doubt. It’s a bit blurry since it doesn’t lay perfectly flat, maybe I’ll try again with a camera if requested. The set is very elegant, and maybe a bit gaudy, but that’s Force for you. I love how they added feathers to the pin to represent his nickname, the Bird of Paradise.


This bromide is really high quality, so it scanned very nicely. It’s on a glossy photo paper and the color is just so vivid. The photo itself is about 5×3.5 in.

Backside of bromide

And here is the ever exciting barcode. The paper folds around to make this flap on the back with some Japanese text. Any idea what it says?


This memopad I saw for sale online is what got me interested in Angel’s Doubt and Aki. It took forever for me to find out what series it was part of though since the site just called it “Tenshi no Uso memopad” and didn’t give any detail that this was even from a story. It didn’t help there was less information on Aki back then. After a couple tries in picking the right search terms, I finally got a lead on the wonderful artist that drew it.

back of memopad

This little sticker is on the back of the plastic sleeve that covers the memopad. Oh, I suppose I should explain what this pad is- it’s about 8×6 in. has 35 sheets of paper with this image printed on them. It’s pretty sturdy and meant to be used as a mousepad in conjunction with being a notepad for quick memos. Whenever I look at it I get the urge to peel one off for no reason (no! don’t degrade it! I tell myself.) And seriously, look at how detailed this darn barcode is!

memopad barcode

And the last entry for this post is one for Utahime. I happened upon this by chance when I was buying a couple of volumes for Angel’s Doubt and Hanamatsuri at auction. Lucky! I thought, since I enjoyed the english release of Utahime a lot.


…but, what is it? And how did anyone acquire it in the first place? Is it an advertisement?

Well that concludes part one, stay tuned for some more scans and ramblings on them. Oh, and if you want some bigger versions of the images above you can find them on my photobucket here.


9 thoughts on “Aki collection 1

  1. michiikargh says:

    OH MY GOD THAT CAIN OHAKSJFBSDKGJB *hyperventilates* I’ve never seen that before! Thank you for sharing!! I was looking for that bromide & pin set when I was on a trip to Japan but I couldn’t find it QuQ It’s nice that you could actually find the pin and mouse pad 😄 and that CAIN It’s lucky of you to have gotten it! I think it’s given for those who went for the handshake or something like that(?!?) QAQ

    oh and I wouldn’t feel nice if I repost this 😦 instead, I’m just gonna share a link and lead them here \o/

    • Lehst says:

      I know! my thoughts were just like that when I saw that Cain for the first time, I was like “I didn’t know this even EXISTED” and stuff. But a few months ago, I did happen upon the image again at one of those online manga sites (I was surprised to see Utahime still up since its been licensed, shame on them!). But the image was cropped narrow and only showed his head, and there was no way to tell who put it up.

  2. Cage of Maze says:

    That’s some nice goods you have gotten your hands on. ^^
    …and this is just my guess, but… I think the Kain illustration is a kind of extra card given away with a number of the tankoubons. Special stuff. ^^ You’re lucky, since they aren’t given in the volumes sold online… Auctions sound good…

    • Lehst says:

      That could be it, but it kind of threw me because it’s bigger than a tank; its the exact same size as the memopad. I remember asking around how people get things like postcards and they suggested that they get them from the bookstore.
      Haha, yeah auctions are … good. *sweats* Deputy fees are not, but man most times Amazon’s shipping is still worse. D:

      • Cage of Maze says:

        Yeah, amazon’s shipping *shivers*… With that money I could’ve bought two times the stuff I have… ÖAÖ

  3. ana_c says:

    oh ¡¡ Cain it’s going to be my new wallpaper XDDD
    Thanks for sharing

  4. MelMelMelon says:

    I-I-I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS ASDFGHJKL; *foams at the mouth*

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