Aki collection 2

So it’s round two for some scans. It’s been awhile, but I first saw these things at auction way back when I was starting to collect issues of Kurofune ZERO. Ah yes, I remember now. I was trying to get the magazine because I was obsessed with Angel’s Doubt after buying the memopad, and that was the only way for me to “read” it. Later I discovered Storm in Heaven was doing scanlations of some of the comics in Kurofune, which was lucky for me~ yay translations~

Here we have some bookmarks:

bookmark Force

bookmark Eiri

Yes, I know, we’ve seen this drawing only like, a hundred times, but these bookmarks are pretty cool. They’re printed on watercolor paper. It’s a really cool effect; the texture of paper really brings out the fluid colors and kind of fools you into thinking it’s not a reprint but a firsthand watercolor. Athough, I think the scanner just kind of makes the image look bumpy, lol.

Next are some kind of business cards:

card Force

card Eiri

They’re cute, and came with the bookmarks. Let’s see, I think I have this drawing like, 5 times now? 1)memopad 2)bookmarks 3)cards 4)magazine cover 5)manga volume 1 color insert. Yeah, I think I’m set.

Lastly, Kain has come to steal the show again:

Utahime postcard

This is my treasure. ❤ *squeals!* I still get excited about this one. I had a hard time getting it though! The listing I wanted to bid on blocked me since I was using a deputy service. Darn Japan and it’s lack of overseas shipping. Another listing came up, but I ended up in a bid war, boo~ Oh well. REVEL IN THE BEAUTIFUL COLOR.

Scanlations of the Japanese volume of Utahime had this image all in green, so I’m assuming it was on one of the book covers under the full color dust-cover. DMP’s english-language release doesn’t have this image at all.
…Did I mention that this image is totally awesome IN COLOR?! xD

Oh yeah, and this is the back of the postcard:

back of postcard

D’aww! Isn’t Riku just the cutest?


And on that note, I conclude this entry. Stay tuned~!


One thought on “Aki collection 2

  1. Cage of Maze says:

    My gosh~ You have such beauties in your collection~ *especially that Kain postcard /squeel*

    Thank you for sharing~ \(*~*)/ Yey.

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