Angel’s Doubt Snapshots

Well, I tore up my place looking for my camera today. Now if I can learn some photography skills I’ll be good to go… except I got started anyways. Hehe, please bear with me. It’s also hard not to get sidetracked while doing this, flipping through issue after issue. >_>

kurofune zero magazines

Right then! So I promised I would take some snapshots of Aki’s series Angel’s Doubt as it appears in the magazine Kurofune Zero (クロフネZERO). Particularly the color pages that do not appear in the tankōbon (aka the reprinted manga volumes). Seeing as there have already been scanlations of the first seven chapters, I’ll be starting with chapter eight.

Now, this image has already been posted by a friend, but out of this entire chapter, it’s really the one that sticks out the most. So here’s my two cents~

Angels Doubt chapter 8 snapshot

Reading it backwards, lets take a look at the title page on the left. Force is wearing a flamboyant outfit (as usual), Riku is following close with a sunny smile (as usual), and poor Ziz is lagging behind- looking worn out and reluctant (…as usual). It’s a really nice perspective though, receding down a street in town with plenty of bystanders and scenery. You get to see our, ahem, heroes(?) from head to toe as well, which doesn’t seem to happen much. Force’s pants are awesome, being double-layered like that, and the looseness goes with his flowing jacket (and I love pant crinkles). I also can’t help but notice Riku’s legs (again pant crinkles <3); he actually looks taller and more slender in this drawing than usual. I'd have to go back and check, but I think aside from being a smidge shorter than everyone else, he tends to be drawn from a high perspective or something, making him look small and cute most of the time.

On the right page we have two panels of Force and Riku talking to a woman selling meats. I like how even though they are doing something rather ordinary, its interesting just because they are so extraordinary. Force is made complete with his signature sparkles radiating around him, while Riku is quite entranced with some hanging sausages. So entranced, in fact, that it just has to last for two panels. I can’t blame that woman for staring at them like that, haha xD.

Sorry this post is a bit dull, but to spice things up here’s a teaser for chapter nine :3

Force chapter 9

Hopefully next time the snapshots will be a better quality. I’ll be practicing (and blaming my camera a lot in the process, heh) so that the photos will be clearer.


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