Auction nonsense~

Ok so this post is pretty much filler but I just felt like sharing my excitement! *squeals*

I won!
I WON~!!!! šŸ˜„ bahahahahaha~!

-this drama CD for Utahime, with a lovely little postcard:

utahime drama cd and postcard
Oh, and yeah, all the images in this post are blatantly taken from auction listings.

I’d been wanting the drama CD for awhile, but haven’t gotten around the buying it and the pile of things I want/need off Amazon Japan. I’ve never really listened to a drama CD before to be honest, but I’m thinking it’s like a radio show. I’m hoping that since characters in Utahime sing, I’ll get to hear what their song sounds like~! SO DON’T POST ANY SPOILERS FOR ME!! Ok? :3 I want to find out what it’s like when it arrives. Shh~!! No talking allowed. šŸ˜„
No seriously I’ll %@$#ing kill you if you utter a single word about the cd.

So anyways, I’m glad I held off on buying it since I can’t resist a delicious postcard. Yum~~ soft pastel tastiness. It wouldn’t be much fun to buy the CD twice just to get it. (I already did that once before, so I have a duplicate issue of Kurofune.) When it comes home to me, I’ll be sure to give you guys a scan. It could be awhile though, since the deputy service that lets me buy this stuff, also lets me hold stuff at their warehouse for a few months. That way if I buy more stuff I can ship it all at once later, so I’m pinching pennies where I can.

And now! for stuff I wanted but couldn’t get (or rather, decided I couldn’t afford to begin with):

kurofune zero mug

A mug promoting Kurofune Zero~! Isn’t it just dreamy? It seems Kurofune’s signature style is synonimous with Force’s usual flair. Not surprising, since he’s on the cover most the time. (I’m also sure he’s one of the magazine’s biggest selling points. Too bad he didn’t rake in more sales though… I digress.)

kurofune zero mug cup
Oh~ what I would have given to have you~ …which was obviously less than what it costs to ship you overseas >_>;;

And I want this set of items:

Force angels doubt kurofune card

…but again can’t justify buying it since it’s not like I don’t already have these illustrations on the books themselves. ARG but I want to see how the book cover looks on the book~! :[

hanamatsuri book cover
Someone buy it and take a photo to show me, lol.

Oh well, I figure, if I can’t have it, I’ll just savor the photo of it. xD
I wonder what I’ll find next? Actually, I’m hoping the next thing to come around will be a new issue of Kurofune Zero. Seriously, its been since February! I hope the magazine hasn’t dropped off… I searched, but didn’t see any news on that. I think I read somewhere there’ll be an issue in October? (That would mean they only skipped the summer issue.) Well, I have my fingers crossed.


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