Angel’s Doubt chapter 9

Yay~! Chapter nine, chapter nine! Snapshots of chapter nine is what this post is all about. And insects, apparently-

angels doubt chapter nine beetles
Please be aware the above text is not a real translation. *is shot*

Ok, ok, enough nonsense for now. For those that read Angel’s Doubt from the tankōbon, instead of the magazine, I present to you… color!

angels doubt chapter nine color

While Force does get a nice spread on pages two and three (shown below), I prefer page one myself. I think it’s because thanks to the middle panel with scenery, you get the concept of space. From that, and how the characters are both actually looking at one another, you can tell how they are standing in relation to each other. The next two pages focus more on their individual expressions and feel kind of floaty as far as spacial depth.

angels doubt chapter nine color 2

Here’s some more spam of Force Caluanthes:

angels doubt force plaid

I like how casual he looks here:

angels doubt force newspaper

Aki does another gag page in this chapter, with the repeating panels:

angels doubt gag yoneda
Oh Yoneda, you are too funny. xD

And yes, that is a bug that Eiri is holding. It seems Riku collects an entire bag of them. I wasn’t kidding when I said this entire chapter seems to be about insects. I also just noticed how tall Eiri is… o.0

Sorry I can’t offer more as far as what is going on in the plot, but eh, the pictures are pretty entertaining on their own after all. For those that read or looked over chapter nine, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite scene? :3


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