Utahime Drama CD arrived!

Merry Christmas to me~ Merry Christmas to me~~~!

My stuff arrived in the mail two days ago, but today I finally opened the box! After getting through those blasted packing peanuts, I found this:

utahime drama cd

-some kind of small collectible card thing (we’ll talk about that some other time), a postcard, and the back of the cd. Oh~ it’s lovely still in its shrink wrap, finally something that’s brand new! But I soon peeled it off to take snapshots of the items (still no scanner, so that’ll have to wait). I love all the pictures of Maria, she’s one of my favorite Aki characters.

utahime drama cd cover
Just to recap, this is the front cover of the CD.

When I opened it up I was met this cute image:

utahime drama cd booklet
Aww~!!! How adorable~! Simply precious.

utahime drama cd

Thomas here, during one of the more bittersweet parts of the story. The white CD is actually the bonus disc. There’s two discs, and the plastic thing holding them back to back flips like a page. When you take that into account, it’s pretty cool how the images are on the discs are in reverse.

utahime drama cd disc
Perhaps one side is the land of the living, while the other is a view from the land of the dead…

The inside of the booklet was pretty exciting. More color images and stuff. Like… a certain character I’ve never seen in color:

utahime drama cd booklet emperor

Like seriously! I have been wanting to see that image of the Emperor in color so badly! It’s a snippet from the image on the first pages of the manga. They seem to only be in color in the original magazine, back when it was first printed years and years ago. Believe me, I’ve tried SO hard to find out what issues it ran in, but it’s just too old. So to have the best piece of the missing color pages here and now, it’s like… wow!

Also, this was a surprise:

utahime drama cd booklet kain

Kain is smiling… so brightly… I never expected to see that.

I listened to the drama cd for a bit while I type this, and I gotta say, I love it! Ok, so the majority of the time I don’t know what they are saying, but I can still tell what’s going on since I know the story. Yeah, its like a radio show or an anime without the… uh, animation. It’s nice hearing what the characters sound like, and finally knowing how to say Kain’s name.

Have any of you listened to the cd? Thoughts? :3 If you love Utahime, I recommend getting a copy. It’s been a lovely experience. ❤


4 thoughts on “Utahime Drama CD arrived!

  1. Oira says:

    Happy Cain is amazing! Thank you for review! I’ve listened this drama but I didn’t know that appearance is so beautiful.

  2. michiikargh says:

    *stares in jealous* ;v; I’ve listen to the drama cd but I’ve never thought of buying it… maybe I should now…..;; /weeps

  3. michiikargh says:

    whoops I mean *jealousy

    • Lehst says:

      nah the first way you said it sounded cooler lol.

      Yeah I’m glad I held off on listening to it before buying. There’s something special about using real cd’s with the creators’ artwork.

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