Amnesia Invasion

amnesia psp game artwork
I love visual novels, and lately I’ve been into otome games. Amnesia is one such game, from Otomate, whose parent company is Idea Factory. I watched the anime based on the game, and became a fan. I even started the PSP game thanks to all the guides available online. Until finally, I started buying some collectibles. These just arrived yesterday from a wonderful seller on livejournal, duckie405.

amnesia collectables
This image is from the listing. It’s what I stared at, for what seemed like forever, until I could order them xD.

On the left is a bag with cookies, and the right is a set of clear bookmarks. First up, we’ll talk about the bag.

amnesia cafe uniform cookie bag set
Freshly opened, we have the packaging, five cookies, and the bag (still folded). It’s really shiny, and feels like satin. Measuring across the top, it’s 5 3/4 inches wide, and about 5 inches tall. I think it’s perfectly miniature~ not that I really plan to use it for anything but display.

The design on the bag is based on the characters’ uniforms they wear when working at the cafe~ So sexy~ x3

shin toma cafe uniform
Shin and Toma ❤

chef side flat bag
Above is the “chef style” uniform that Shin and Kent wear. Below is the “waiter style” uniform that Ikki and Toma wear.

waiter side bag flat

The bottom of the bag is sewn in such a way that it’s mean to “pop out” and stand upright like this:

chef side bag upright
The colors of the bag are a lot more accurate in these two photos. The first ones came out a little too dark and vivid, the colors are actually a bit muted.

waiter side bag upright

Here is the bottom with the Amnesia logo:
amnesia bag bottom
-copyright Idea Factory . Design Factory /「AMNESIA」(Japanese text)-

amnesia bag bottom side

I love the fact that this is a drawstring bag. For some reason it’s cuter that way~ and it’s convienent for the photos you’ll see at the end of this post, hehe.

amnesia bag closed

What came in the bag was some cute little cookies shaped like cherry blossoms~! Kawaii~!!

amnesia cookies
Five cookies and a tasty packet of silica gel. Mmm, chemicals.

I opened one up, and…

amnesia cookie opened

Though truthfully, I was hesitant to eat it. Something about getting food from another country, by mail order always just makes me think… is this FOOD? And, if I eat it, it’ll be gone. FOREVER.

Anyways, I did eat it. It was good, but a bit unusual. It smelled like a flower with a lot of sugar on it. It tasted like it was supposed to be strawberry, but it also made me think of soap. :/ Yeah… I know what you are thinking… Floral strawberry soap with sugar?? xD But it was good, despite being, uh, different. If I had a whole box of them, I’d probably plow through them, heh.

And now for some fun~!

kaki kito in amnesia uniform bag
Nice to meet you, I’m Kitou Kaki aka Grumpyface. (Kitou is from the novels/game Hanaoni.)

LOL He almost looks like Shin! They sure are a couple of sourpusses. And I seem to have a thing for putting plush toys into bags… *cough*link*cough*

And some more nonsense~

bjd in amnesia bag
My bjd, Ren.

Hahahaha! What am I doing? All in all, I really love this set. Maybe someday I’ll make my doll a real cosplay of this. I just love uniforms~ ❤

Aw geez, already out of time today. We'll have to talk about the bookmark set another day. Look forward to it, they are AMAZING. : D [Edit: cont. here]

And remember to grab your collectibles at duckie405‘s livejournal. x3


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