Amnesia (cont.)

amnesia banner

Today I’m continuing from my previous post on the Amnesia goods I recently purchased from duckie405. The other item I bought was a fantastic set of clear bookmarks. : ]

amnesia bookmarks
Clear bookmarks vol. 4 manufactured by Gift

Don’t let my mediocre photo fool you, these are really nice. The print quality is incredibly good, especially for something printed on plastic, as opposed to paper. It was so good, that at first I couldn’t tell that they are in fact transparent, even when they arrived and I saw them in person. Only after opening the package and slipping them off the paper backing could did I go “oh my gosh, they really are clear!”

As a warning though, they are a bit fragile. They are meant to be snapped apart so you can use them, so you have to be careful they don’t pop out on accident if you want to preserve their original form. If you do order some, I heavily recommend getting them shipped to you in some sturdy cardboard. Mine arrived safe and sound, thankfully~ Handling them to take photos was a bit tense though!

This photo is an attempt to demonstrate their transparency:

bookmarks transparent

They’re pretty fun. Holding them in front of my lamp has a really cool effect; they practically glow. I seriously recommend getting a set if you are a fan of Amnesia (or just good artwork). There are other sets available too, some with the characters drawn in chibi form~! Very cute~

Speaking of chibi forms, I was lucky enough to get a small bonus item- metallic sticker featuring chibi Shin! My favorite!
(How did you know? lol)

shin sticker
D’aww~! I just luff that face.

I actually thought about getting a set of these metallic stickers, but chose the bookmarks instead. They really shine! The picture below shows the light hitting it at a different angle. Also pictured is a sheet of official Amnesia notepad paper. It’s faint, but it features Shin’s symbol, the ace of hearts.

stick and notepad paper
You know a seller likes what they do when they send you handwritten notes. ❤

Anyways, back to the bookmarks. I’m pleased as punch with them. I chose this particular set for pretty much one reason-

toma bookmark
I. love. Toma~!!! This picture of him was just the absolute perfect thing for me~ (in real life- not my crappy photo!)
Look at him there, all smiles. Yeah, I know what’s behind that smile, you insane love-puppy. x3

Even his caption is the best-
TOMA – A diamond of affection and insanity.
Haha, yandere much? Man, I wish the game was localized in english. I want to play through his story so badly. Perhaps because I can empathize with his feelings…

Incidentially, the other characters’ captions are as follows-

SHIN – A shy but earnest heart.
IKKI – A fascinating and tempting spade.
KENT – A cool and rational clover.
UKYO – A mysterious joker. His image is the moon.

I do love the images of all the boys on this though. Well, Ukyo’s is kind of awkward, seems a little too “zoomed in” to me. I’m very happy that Kent’s picture came out really well, since I opted not to get a figure of him (nor Toma’s figure. I just didn’t care for their design I guess.)

The bookmarks look really good behind the Amnesia One Coin figures:

amnesia collection
Ahh~ my master plan is now complete~

So if you liked anything (or everything!) posted here, check out duckie’s Amnesia sales. :3


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