Aksys’s lastest otome game “Sweet Fuse” is lit!

Yeah, I know. The title is a pretty bad pun. :p

If you managed to end up here, and don’t know what Sweet Fuse is, check out the official website. And then immediately proceed to buy a copy. Or ten. sweet-fuse.com

sweet fuse cast

This is game is great! I’ve just completed one play-through of the game, and I am about to start the next. I’ve been at this game non-stop since it arrived. Well, almost non-stop, still have to do the basic eating, sleeping, and posting on the internet. You know, vital stuff.

The game comes from both Idea Factory and Keiji Inafune’s Comcept Inc. (If you don’t know who Inafune is, I’m sorry. -_-) Inafune makes a brief appearance in the game as well, since in this fictional universe he’s your video-game-themed-amusement-park-designer uncle. I feel like this game is the product of a match made in heaven. Or a match made in a really nice family with good upbringing. Aksys did the localizing for the NA release; props to them for bringing otome and visual novels to the western market!

This won’t be an in depth review, but just few thoughts on the game so far. First, I just want to say the protagonist is very cute!

saki inafune
The art style for this game isn’t your usual fare for an otome game. At first I was thinking, um… why aren’t they drawn ridiculously pretty like shoujo manga? But once I had the game going, there were no more questions. The characters look great, and its nice to see something different- brought to you by Kumiko Suekane, who did the designs for the Ace Attorney series. In fact there are some other aspects of Sweet Fuse that are reminiscent of the Ace Attorney games. Such as the choice to call-out other characters after they do something really stupid or aggravating- Objection!-style!

what is wrong with you!! saki inafune

There’s also sections where you have to use some logic (much like finding testimony contradictions in Ace Attorney) to solve the death-trap puzzles your character enthusiastically volunteered herself for. Yep, volunteered. But hey, a lot of hot guys got thrown in with you too, so let the party begin!

Also, one more thing I’m just stoked about… the characters are animated! Their mouths move with the text pretty well, and they blink~! And naturally, they change expression and positions like any other visual novel as well. The backgrounds are some what animated too, such as moving clouds, or glowing lights. Pretty nice~! They only downside though is that it takes longer for each new line of text to load, but I suppose it does pace the game a bit so I’m not blazing through (heh). The skip text function is slowed down somewhat, unfortunately. (Edit: Well, I’m stupid. I didn’t see the “Install” option on the main menu. It cut load times considerably and the timing of the text with voice is better too. I srsly recommend installing this game.)

The game definitely has its quirks too. I seriously love the Piglets!

sweet fuse piglet 1

sweet fuse piglet 2
They do a lot of mime-like actions and they are just too funny!

Ok now here’s where I have to say-


I was originally interested in the blonde guy.

shirabe ayumu sweet fuse

Then I found out he’s 32… nearly twice our heroine’s age! …which is only 17 in Japan, btw. Aksys also changed the youngest boy to be 17 in NA so you don’t have to feel like such a cradle-robber with a boy of a mere 15 years.

sweet fuse wakasa towa
But I know the truth… and now so do you! You’re welcome! 8D

Anyways, then I realized ol’ blondie reminds me of your missing dad in Trace Memory. : / …yay… looking more attractive by the minute, pal.

and then the game just slaps me in the face-

sweet fuse shirabe daughter mai


Although, I have yet to play his story so I really don’t know much about him. Perhaps blondie will redeem himself. :3 (Edit: He has!!!)

Ok! So! I did in fact complete one story from the game. Despite my best efforts (no seriously, I tried!), I couldn’t resist Shidou and his sexy… badge. “Oh~ Keibu-san~!! Protect me!!” Yes, he’s a police detective, and a damn hot one.

shidou subaru sweet fuse gun

Kyaa~! I love this game! XDDD

MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD (mostly for other games though)
This a bit of a rant, but if you don’t mind~

The end of Shidou’s route did that thing where you don’t find out what was really going on with the bad guy. So many things left unexplained. So now I have another reason to complete every character’s story, because I bet that’s the only way to unlock the secret character or true ending or something.

Lately, I… fear true endings.

And its all the fault of other VN's! In Amnesia you have to play every route before you get the true story… where you apparently DIED but were wished back to life, only to end up in the WRONG DIMENSION. Your boyfriend travels from world to world to find you, only to come at you with a nice, new, psychotic personality that wants to kill you! Good times!

Better yet! Same gameplay mechanic in Dramatical Murder (OMFG that game was good though) where you play and play until you get the true route and ending. It was all fun and games until your robot dog turns into a virtual man, who is actually a personality that used to be in your own body with you- a body that, by the way, was CONSTRUCTED IN A LAB along with your CONJOINED TWIN you once had and forgot about. THEN you have sex with your other personality in your own head, talk to a third (violent) personality, until finally you live happily ever after with your other self who is living in the body of your spiritually deceased twin brother.

But at least all my story-related questions were answered!


sweet fuse scared kouta meoshi

Let’s hope Sweet Fuse doesn’t rape my mind at the end, lol. I mean really, what’s the worst that could happen in a bomb-filled amusement park of twisted and tainted games and attractions?


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