Comcept Inc., my love for you grows Mightily.

The first reason being Comcept’s YouTube channel posted the cutest thing- a song on how to draw their mascot, 「KANE DE BOO」!

~~~adorable~~~(^◇^)I’ve only seen him appear in Sweet Fuse though. I hope he shows up again! If you want to sing along, I posted some lyrics on the video comments.

The second reason- their Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 (a spiritual successor to Megaman). It has gotten a lot of support from fans far and wide- in only four days they reached 1.5 million in pledges! Let’s keep the ball rolling and hit that 2.2 mark for a console release! 😀 Please be sure to tell your friends too~!

mighty no 9 beck

You know what I like about the hero so far? His name. Beck. His assistant will be named Call (haha, get it? :p ). It’s cute, but more importanly, it’s a joke that won’t be lost in translation like all the name changes present in localized Megaman games. (Oh Roll, I never understood you. If only Rockman could have explained it to me…)

roll megaman mighty no 9 joke

Reading Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter summary really gets me excited for this game. Scroll down their page and take a look at the development team- these guys really know how to make games! Quite a few have worked on the Megaman franchise as well, and with Keiji Inafune as founder and CEO of Comcept, it’s no wonder they have had an overwhelming response. Especially when you give a pledge, your voice will be heard by these amazing creators in exclusive backer-only forums. Nice!

Well, that’s a wrap for now. Have a happy 09/09, to all you Mighty No.’s out there!


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