A scale of Half-Age figures

So I’m a bit late in the game on this one, but I’m in love with the many series of Half-Age figures that have been popping up! I just got my first sets in today, Persona 4 and Tiger and Bunny vol 1.

half age persona 4 tiger and bunny

Seriously loving this almost-but-not-quite-chibi scale. I haven’t even played Persona 4, and I know next to nothing about Tiger and Bunny (gasp! what is wrong with me?) but these are just adorable. I got them at a really good price at Hobby Link Japan so that was an incentive as well. I think I’ve decided to collect the ones with food-

persona 4 half age figure
Yukiko: OH NOES!
Chie: Hey, watch it!
Nanako: … *stares*

Two of them in Tiger and Bunny vol. 1 also have food (but they haven’t been deboxed yet). And there’s a couple from Blue Exorcist that’d go good in a tiny kitchen. Now if only Bandai would make a Half-Age line for a show I’ve actually seen… (I take it back, they did do some Gundam girls. Too bad Sayla’s wasn’t a wide release…)

Then again it might be best they don’t release too many of these. I wouldn’t be able to resist! xD


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