Aki meets Uta no Prince-sama

Remember when this blog was first started solely for sharing the artistic works of Aki ( あき )? Well, it seems I’ve forgotten that, lol. My apologies to those wanting some more pictures of Angel’s Doubt, I’m really behind! The fact that the manga is on indefinite hiatus put a damper on things…

Anyways!! I just came across this today, and felt like sharing~

uta no prince anthology manga aki
Uta no Prince-sama Anthology!

When I saw it, I did a double take, thinking their expressions looked awfully familiar. Then I noticed the watercolor-style and clicked to read the cover. Sure enough it says, “COVER あき” in really small print. Kya~~~! Aki-sensei drew Otoya and Masato~!!! and now Natsuki is worth looking at! 😄

Even though it appears she didn’t write a story for the book, I think the other boys are featured on a color page within the book. There is also this inside:

uta no prince anthology manga aki
I’d like to see Syo-kun’s color picture. x3

Here is the cover without the outer sleeve:
uta no prince anthology aki manga

Speaking of Uta no Prince-sama, this arrived in my mail yesterday!

otoya ittoki uta no prince atler 1/8
8D ~!!!
Isn’t Otoya just great?! I actually liked this figure before knowing much about Utapuri. (I’ve since watched the anime out of obligation. xD I liked it~) I was sold on this figure when I saw he looked good from all angles. His design and pose is really well-balanced.

otoya ittoki uta no prince alter 1/8
This is actually my first 1/8 scale! I’ve seen plenty up close before at a friend’s, but I usually go for trading figures. I surmised a figure from Alter would be a good choice.

Otoya and Tokiya’s 1/8 are being reissued for release this December, so get one while you can~! I’m really looking forward to some of the other boys that were announced for release too. : ]


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