Amnesia bookmarks by Gift

amnesia bookmark vol 7 8

Huzzah! Ikki here is showing off a few sets of Amnesia bookmarks, made by Gift. Several earlier sets were available at retail, but volumes 7 and 8 here were event only. NEVERMIND THESE BOOKMARKS JUST WENT STANDARD! Preorders are open, item is set to release August 2014. I bought these a year ago how was I supposed to know it’d go standard oh well atleast price I paid was still pretty low but still this is ridiculous gah.

[Before they went standard] You had to buy them in person at an event in Japan, like a small convention or hobby show. And often wait for hours in ridiculous lines, I hear. I first saw these on Gift’s official site and instantly fell in love. Then I cried a little when a friend helped me decipher it’s limited availability. but… but… I really love the designs of the boys’ cafe uniforms so much!

amnesia otome cafe uniform shin ikki kent toma
^Who wouldn’t want to go to a cafe with staff like this? x3

Only through sheer diligence was I able to catch the bookmarks at auction (checking shops everyday can get tedious…lol). They are really nice! The print looks spectacular, even better than the promo sample. I have favorite characters, but seeing them arranged like this so nicely, I can’t choose a favorite. The uniform design, the background colors and motifs, and general balance of the artwork really makes me squee~~ ❤ ❤ ❤

amnesia bookmark shin toma orion
^Vol. VII out of the plastic sleeve.

I kind of regret taking them out to get a closer look, because as usual, they are pretty fragile. They are meant to be be popped out and used, but really, how often are collectibles actually used for their functional purpose?

amnesia bookmark ikki kent ukyo
Vol. VII here is being displayed without the white backing card. These prints on clear plastic never cease to amaze me.

^.^ So ridiculously happy. Now if only I could get a real one of these uniforms…
amnesia otome shin toma cafe uniform

~(˘▾˘~) *faints*


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