Attack on Titan Sasha Nendoroid

Loving all the new Shingeki no Kyojin figures and stuff that has been coming out! Today was a special day because I met Sasha!!

sasha nendoroid mikasa shingeki no kyojin attack on titan

Isn’t she great!? She is a combination of Nendoroid #365 Mikasa and #163 Minami. For now I’m just head swapping, but maybe I’ll get an extra Mikasa Nendoroid and fully customize and mod the figure to look like Sasha. Not a whole lot to change, just need to mold a shirt collar and maybe paint the shirt grey like in the anime.

sasha nendoroid mikasa shingeki no kyojin attack on titan
Sasha in town.

sasha nendoroid mikasa attack on titan shingeki no kyojin

I just adore this figure, and the character ever since my friend said,

“The one you’re most like is Sasha.”

sasha attack on titan

“What?! No I’m not she’s weird!”


sasha eating

“…oh I see.”

Upon self-reflection I agree we have many common traits! Still before that many others were my favorite characters… I like Eren! and Hanji! and of course everyone loves Levi. oh and I like Jean. Annie looks cool. Armin is so smart! DAMN I LOVE EVERYONE! although poor Mikasa is a bit low on the list. She’s badass, but not much draws me to her, especially since she’s kind of one-dimensional. Her backstory at least explains it.

nendoroid head part swap sasha titan
Hehe, they be chillin’. Look at schoolgirl Mikasa! 😄

This is the first time I’ve been able to experience part-swaps with Nendoroids! I tried to stay away from them, and until this year I only owned the one of Jack Frost (of ATLUS). Now I hope to own the rest of the SnK cast!! and I want to make more custom characters too! (I already have one in the works, stay tuned for that~!) Let me know you have a good combination! I love the SnK uniforms <3~

One more pic for the road:
mikasa nendoroid titan play set shingeki no kyojiin
MIKASA ACKERMAN: Wreckin’ titans like a boss.


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