Kudo Shinichi Sega prize figure

During my seemingly futile quest to watch every episode, movie, and special of Detective Conan I’ve taken a look at the figures on the market from time to time. Until recently, the releases were pretty disappointing- doughy sculpts, mediocre paint, and some were just downright odd with giant hands and feet. Last year we were graced with a fantastic Kaito Kid prize figure, and this year we have the great detective himself, Kudo Shinichi!

shinichi kaito sega prize figure

Hot damn.

Now, there are two versions of this figure. This is the matte version that I believe is obtained from UFO catcher machines and whatever prize games they have in Japan. The other version has metallic paint job and is won in the lucky kuji (lottery).

Seriously this figure looks really good! His head sculpt is so crisp and the hair is fantastic, even on his sideburns and nape of his neck they sculpted varying lengths of hair. The eyes look great up close and far away; they’re decals much like Kaito’s. These two were obviously made for each other. (not like that you shipping fangirls!!!)

Here we have the detective implicating the thief:

kaito shinichi sega prize figure

Shinichi’s school uniform has a lot of nice folds and creases in all the right places. I really love the pant seams that run down each side, a nice touch for a subtle outfit. His shoes are simple but they have some definition for the soles. The paint is done rather well too. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this is a cheap prize figure as opposed to a legit scale figure. His green tie looks pretty solid and doesn’t go outside the lines, but the white paint of his shirt leaves a bit to be desired. It just seems a bit thin, on mine you can see a bit of blue on the back collar showing through. Aside from that one, I can’t see any flaws unless I’m examining him very closely.

However, there is one glaring problem:

shinichi kaito sega prize figure

Come on! They were obviously sculpted with the same style! Same company, both prize figures. WHY?? Maybe it isn’t obvious enough in this photo, but it looks really strange, since they are so close to the same scale, but one is just a tad smaller overall like he’s been hit with a shrink ray. Guess I’ll just have to hide it by putting them on different parts of the shelf.

Then I realized there was a bright side to this problem:

shinichi kaito sega prize

He looks pretty good next to the World Collectible Figures of Conan and Haibara! These two were too small next to Kaito, but it’s pretty great putting Conan next to Shinichi. He’s really beside himself. (haha! pun intended, forgive me.) No seriously it’s kind of like the sort of thing I see on posters and promotional art. Also, check out Shinichi’s shadow! I bet with the right light he’d leave a great silhouette.

Incidentally, there’s also a WCF for Ran. She’s pictured with a keychain of Conan from Swing Collection series 1. They fit really nicely together.

shinichi conan wcf

And I might as well post a photo of the two Kaito’s. They really are identical figures, just the one arm and cape are different. (oh and the decal on the base.)

kaito sega prize variant

Personally I like the “prize B” figure better, with the dynamic flowing cape. He looks epic placed on the top corner of a shelf. Still, I ended up buying “prize A” as well, since I like that you can see more of his suit and he’s doing one of his tricks, showing the magician that he is.

shinichi sega prize

Overall I’m very satisfied with the Shinichi prize figure. Honestly, I was really surprised he even got something like a scale figure at all. He’s not really present in the series all that often (and we hardly see him go to school!) Still, this high school detective is such a clever guy and just SO cool! In the realm of figure-collecting he does have a rather mundane design, but the crisp sculpt, and his dynamic and in-character pose make the grade. There you have it, the great Kudo Shinichi! 😀


2 thoughts on “Kudo Shinichi Sega prize figure

  1. Yssa says:

    That Shinichi figure is soooo cool (*_*) And Shinichi Kudo is like, my first ever anime crush ❤ ❤

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