Grell and Sebastian sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – aka How I met some Voice Actors

This song. THIS SONG.

An amazing individual made this song (in fact Coffinjockey states, “So I decided to do a duet with myself”), and played it for Daniel Frederick, voice actor of Grell in the English dub of Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

It was HILARIOUS!! Frederick obviously enjoyed it very much, and I, the lucky bystander that just had gotten an autograph from said actor, enjoyed the whole scene as well. I begged him to put the song on Youtube, and here it is! Wonderful~!! (Hurry and go Like the vid you smucks!)

renge ouran monica rial
That same day I was lucky enough to meet a few other voice actors, including Monica Rial. Not only has Rial done plenty of voice work, but also is a script writer for english dubs! We had a nice, and very brief, chat on how hard it really is to adapt a literally translated script, and make it the fun and easy-to-follow dialouge we enjoy in English dubs. I think she appreciated being noticed for more than just voice work~ and honestly I am a big fan of script writers, translators, and anyone that does adaptation/localization. It’s tough work!!!

kogoro mouri richard moore case closed bruce elliot
Later on I met R. Bruce Elliot, voice of, and I quote, “the debonair Richard Moore” (his words not mine! lol!! I adore Richard ❤ ) of Case Closed, and Kanbei of Samurai 7. I had an extra collectible figure of Kanbei, so I decided to give it to Elliot.

figure kanbei samurai 7 bruce elliot
He was thrilled!! He looked at it in wonder, saying, “Wha- Where did you find something like this??” He was utterly fascinated, seeing as he goes to very few anime gatherings, and I assume has little knowledge of the fandom itself, despite working in the voice acting industry. He does know his movies though, as it turns out he loves Kurosawa’s original film “Seven Samurai”. Meeting him was better than I would have imagined; he thanked me several times, even as his next fan in line came, and he saw me in the distance and said his thanks again!! Wow, I’m glad he liked the figure!!

What a day. I’m glad I found the time to go to a convention for a few hours! 😀


2 thoughts on “Grell and Sebastian sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – aka How I met some Voice Actors

  1. insightblue says:

    Omg…I almost spit my coffee out I was laughing so hard at that song! LOL!

    • Lehst says:

      Haha! Yes, it’s really something! On the Youtube description he states he did a duet with himself. (I think I’ll add that to the post now…)

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