Kirito GGO ver. Sega prize figure

kirito ggo sega prize figure

I like Kirito, in all of his forms, but somehow the first figure I chose to buy was his Gun Gale Online avatar, which doesn’t appear until Sword Art Online II. So far I’ve had a good haul when it comes to Sega prize figures, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Gotta just love Kirito’s girly avatar in the anime:

Whee!!! Look at him go! xD

ok ok, on to business. Here’s Sega’s new Kirito!

kirito ggo sega prize figure
I just love how he’s shown actually using both his main and secondary weapons.

Now, let’s turn off that sunset:

Above is probably my best shot, but we’ll turn the figure all around.
(and remember you can see the pictures fullsize in a new tab or saved. duh.)

The light grey rock here is holding him up. The weight of the figure is pretty balanced, but if its gonna bend it’ll be back towards that rock, not his back foot (the one without a peg).

His hair and waist wrap are made of a softer, bendable plastic. Some noticeable seams here and there, but a great sculpt and pretty good paint job (especially for a prize figure).

Now a closer look at his face. Very pretty!! (which makes me happy but I can’t stop laughing at the thought of Kirito… pretty… pfft!!!)

A few pictures of his box:

Here’s his base. It’s simple, but honestly I’m glad it’s a circle, because then he’ll look good turned from any angle, even if the words dictate “the front”.

His photon sword is pretty dang cool. The hilt actually has some molded details, but they are so small they hardly show on camera.

The beam has a gradation from clear to purple, which is cool even if it’s not as gradual as I’d like. It’s made of very stiff plastic and is properly straight. No awkwardly curved swords here! :]

Let’s talk about the most annoying goofs:

I do NOT like this part on his hair. It’s a seam where they cut the plastic from the mold, I assume. UGH.

This one below isn’t so bad. (also you can see the paint lines are pretty close which is good.)

The paint they used on that hexagon plate of armor on his sleeve uses a kind of sparkly paint to simulate metal. The downside is on mine, the paint sprayed all over his shoulder and bit in front (not seen here). The upside is that it only really shows along the wrinkles in his jacket, so I can just pass it off as “Gun Gale dirt” or gun residue since he’s fighting. Meh.

They totally didn’t paint under his hand! LOL. You can’t see it much when he’s actually holding the sword, but still. OH BUT!! You can almost see his painted fingernails here. Yeah, they painted his fingernails with a really faint peach color. It’s nice!!

A few more fun shots:

Well that concludes Kirito’s GGO figure from Sega! I absolutely love it! His pose just hits the spot for me. Besides, it’s Kirito… Maybe next time I’ll get a Kirito with short hair, LOL.


2 thoughts on “Kirito GGO ver. Sega prize figure

  1. katsuden says:

    Cool pic editing that brought me back this awesome anime! Prize is good on the price though there would tend to have more flaws. I’m not usually worried as long as I get my hands on the character figure to my liking : )

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