Amnesia: Memories Keepsake Box

Seong-min is showing off the newly released Amnesia: Memories -Remnants of Love Keepsake Box-

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box shin
It just arrived direct from Iffy’s online store! The ship fee wasn’t great but it came in fast and secure! (Not all companies seem to pack correctly… I’m looking at you Goodsmile Co. >_> ) The cover is lovely and will make a nice display piece on the top of my bookshelf xD. I chose to buy the “box only” set since I decided to support the Vita version of the game, sold separately on PSN.

Let’s open it up!

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box shin
The first thing we see is a stack of coasters, featuring the “romance-able” boys in the game. I was pleasantly surprised to see these are more than just a light piece of cardboard.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box coasters
They are thick paper over metal (much like a button/badge) with cork bottoms! These coasters are the real deal! 8D You can use them for your drink or just let them decorate your table or dresser. I love printed artwork that can actually be used around the room. Plus artwork of the usual character sprites is something I’ve been missing from my collection. Love them!

Remove the first tray and you will find the game’s soundtrack CD.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box soundtrack cd
It comes in its own jewel case, which doesn’t always happen with bonus discs. The artwork on the outside and inside is really sleek and professional. The little things really count.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box soundtrack cd
I love listening to a game’s soundtrack after playing, since you can re-live the world of the game just by hearing the familiar sound. And there’s always at least one track I’ll be addicted to, so having it on disc is really convenient. :]

The next layer has the artbook. It’s of decent size and excellent print quality. Seong-min is holding it open for us~

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box artbook
Inside is various color art, character profiles, game cgs, and surprisingly- rough drafts and settings. The book’s layout is really well put together. I only wish that a few artworks didn’t get inevitably sucked into the book’s spine. Still a great book though; artwork is a main staple of visual novels after all.

And with that we’ve reached the bottom of the box. Thanks for reading an- wait what?

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box ukyo
What is THAT.

It’s a pillowcase. An INCREDIBLY STUNNING body pillow case!

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box body pillow case
look at those colors! It’s so vivid! and the resolution is excellent! I’ve never seen a pillow case this good. Srsly, good dakimakura are ridiculously expensive so I haven’t owned one- until now! Definitely needs some ironing tho XDD

Let’s just get this to the iron… eh? Hey, now Seong-min…

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box pillow toma
Get off the handsome boys for a second! 😄

Btw it’s 100% polyester and comes with care instructions. Use a COOL iron or else you will permanently damage the fabric!! I used a damp cloth under my iron to try and steam out the creases (it also acts as a buffer between the iron and the case.) It will take a lot of patience to get them out. Fair warning!

Ah~ there we go. The pillow fits right in! LOVE IT 8DDD

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box body pillow case gift plush
Haha! Oh no, poor Ukyo. That beachball has escaped the others’ hands, much to their dismay! 😄 I’m glad the image is so cute without being too racy, as pillow art often is. Srsly, you have to see this in real life, the colorful setting is enchanting. x3

I was surprised when Iffy announced this set for preorder, not too long before its release no less. They must have had this in their back pocket for quite awhile. The Limited Edition Keepsake Box is probably the BEST video game LE I own, despite the fact there wasn’t a physical copy of the game. The set was $40, a pretty good price considering the quality of what you get, so I can feel a little better about paying the $30 for a digital only game (but that is an entirely different topic.) They’ve really done a great job letting the international market get their hands on official Otomate goods, FINALLY.

So support otome games and related merchandise and consider getting yourself a set of Amnesia goods! I highly recommend this box! ^_^

amnesia shin heroine


9 thoughts on “Amnesia: Memories Keepsake Box

  1. insightblue says:

    Thanks for the review! I really want to order this, and it looks beautiful. I had no idea there was not a physical copy of this game though…I would have ordered the box, thinking the game was in there, and been really mad! >.<

    • Lehst says:

      I’m glad you stopped by :3
      Yep, lovely items, but there wasn’t a physical version of the game. I guess it’s good though that they were able to put the game on several platforms for people – Steam, Vita, Android and iOS. A lot of us have been vocal on the “digital only” so hopefully Iffy will do physical next time.

  2. Yssa says:

    The pillow looks lovely!! If they bundled this with a physical copy of the vita game, I would have bought it. I can only look at unboxing photos now though www

    • Lehst says:

      I’m glad a lot of people like physical copies of games. But I also love being able to buy merch that isn’t overpriced.
      x3 yeah the pillow really spruces up the room. much better in real life than just these photos, its so big and smooth ❤

  3. Nakamura Ellie says:

    I love your reviews so much! I never knew Amnesia even had this until I stumbled across one of your Hakuouki reviews so I am SO thankful!!

    Question: where did you get those Ikki and Ukyo figures? The ones in the last picture where you’re showing everything? I’ve been DYING to have them (Ukyo and Ikki are so amazing T__T) and I’d be really grateful to know!

    Thanks~ ^^

    • Lehst says:

      Oh my, I’m happy you liked my reviews! x3 I suck at talking about games, but I love showing stuff. 😄

      I’ve looked everywhere I could think of but can’t find any more Ikki and Ukyo figures. Shin and Toma are still around (probably since a case of figures had extras of those guys), but I can only suggest stalking ebay and yahooJapan auctions for the others. They were released a few years ago so it’s not surprising they are scarce. The plush characters are great, if you want an alternative. By now, they will probably be more cost-effective than an expensive marked-up price, rare figure.

      If you get into figure and merch collecting you’ll find its cheaper to buy from import stores based in Japan, rather than “after-market” retail shops that factor in import costs and a cut of profit (so they have to mark-up their prices.) I usually preorder figures and stuff at places like hlj, amiami, hobbysearch. They get things in stock when the manufacturers first release the product, but that also means stuff goes out of stock quickly too, since they charge retail price or less.

      • Nakamura Ellie says:

        Ah! Thank you very much for recommending those sites and replying so diligently! Yes, I’ve only gotten into collecting figures and merch very recently, so I appreciate the tips ^^

        Keep up the good work~ I’m looking forward to reading more reviews!

  4. kpop_anime says:

    How long is the body pillow case? 🙂

    • Lehst says:

      My tape measure says it is 19 x 47 inches. The pillow inside it is just a bit smaller than that, I think it was 45 inches; that is what my local store had. It fits just fine though, I like that it isn’t overstuffed. 🙂

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