Mystic Messenger Party Grade Guide

Hey guys~! I finally had a convenient save file to test out what happens when you do the Final Day’s party with different amounts of guests. The biggest difference is how many guests you have will determine if you get the Good End or the Normal End. Both are fun to watch and give a different CG. : ]

But I was also curious what grades you get for different numbers of guests. I can now post a confirmed chart, with screenshots of the dialogue boxes that appear with your letter grade.

If your guest list has 15 or more people you get an A.
Even if you have over 30 people lol.
mystic messenger party grade

12, 13, and 14 guests gives you a B.

8, 9, 10, and 11 guests gives you a C.

You need 10 guests or more to get the Good End.
Anything below 10 sends you to the Normal End. Kind of odd that Cheritz put the cutoff right in the middle of the same letter grade.

4, 5, 6, 7 guests gives you a D.

And ZERO, 1, 2, 3 guests gives you an F.
You still get the Normal End. The game assumes you still invited some people, just not very many lol.

…and there you have it!
I hope this guide was helpful! It satisfied my curiosity anyways,
haha. ^_^


6 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Party Grade Guide

  1. This is great info thanks so much for your hard work!! ^^

  2. Ellieza says:

    Thank you! Now I can happily roll back to Zen for his Normal End hehe ^^
    I wonder if they will mention something if there is no guests..?

  3. JK says:

    Hi, are you sure that 10 guests will lead to the good end? I was aiming for normal end and accidentally miscounted with 10 correct answers. If I don’t read the email so there’s no complete, will they still turn up?

    • Lehst says:

      Yes, I tested it all myself. If the email doesn’t say Completed, then that guest won’t come to the party.
      Completed in blue text means they come for sure, red text means they may or may not show up.

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