Mystic Messenger – Different endings FAQ

Mystic Messenger is like, one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played. Not because the story is weird, no, because the whole setup and interface and requirements and parameters and junk are really gosh darn … innovative. I feel like Cheritz just threw us out to sea without a paddle. x’D

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints
(It’s ok, I’m cool with drowning amidst these hotties. 8D )

So I’m posting here a sort of… spoiler-free guide to what kinds of endings are in the game, and basic hints about what you need to do to get a good end or a bad end or better yet, the other kind of bad end that I couldn’t confirm without the assistance of some other wonderfully helpful players.^^

First, the often asked question of “Why did I get a bad ending?!?! nooo!!!”

Mystic Messenger doesn’t have a status screen that shows you the current affection levels you have with the characters. You do earn hearts, each a different color to indicate which character gave it to you, but those are NOT a perfect indicator of how much likability points you have from them. In fact, some hearts are a sign of “good end affection” and others are for “bad end affection”, and they look identical. @_@ Go figure.

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints
There are also really ugly black, broken hearts in the game. Those are just generally bad all-around. They mean the character has less affection for you. It also takes a heart away from your status bar!

What matters are the choices you make. What kinds of things did you say to the character you are dating? How do you think those words made them feel? Did they, and, just as importantly, the other characters in the room respond happily? Instead of handy-dandy meters or a status bar, we have to ask ourselves this and hope for the best. Personally I found the writing in the chats to be done well enough to give you some clues. And it is ok if you have a couple bad answers, you just have to make sure you don’t have too many. (This game doesn’t require the perfection that Nameless did, thank god.)

“I got a bad end, do I have to start from the beginning?”

Not necessarily. The game has these “Caution” branch points, and it is a good idea to make a save right before those.

mystic messenger caution
Each section of the game is divided by the Caution points. So let’s say you have a save at the Caution at Day 7. Then on Day 9 you hit another Caution, and saved it. But then Day 9 turns into a bad ending! AUGH. Well, rather than start over at Day 1, just open the Day 7 save. You can replay the game from one Caution to the next Caution, and you will always have a chance to get through to the Good Ending. Because, if you didn’t get the Bad End at Day 7, then everything before Day 7 has absolutely no effect what-so-ever on what happens at the Day 9 Caution.

I hope that made sense. The only time you have to start from the beginning is if you don’t have an old save, or you didn’t even make it past Day 5.

“What kinds of endings are in this game?”

There are Good End, Normal End, Bad Story End, and Bad Relationship End. Yeah. Lots of bad endings. Dear god why? D8

To get the Good End you have to, obviously, make it to the end of the route, and have made enough good choices to get past each Caution. To get the Normal End, do the same thing, just don’t have more than 9 guests at the RFA party. As long as you don’t complete the email, they won’t come. Blue Completed mean they will definitely come to the party, and red Completed means they might come, but not always.

Bad Story Ends are at every Caution point. To get those, you need to actively make a lot of bad choices. like… A LOT. It basically has its own hidden meter. See the first question for details.

Bad Relationship Ends are different. Some Caution points have a BRE, along with the Bad Story End, while some Cautions don’t. To get a BRE, you can’t have too many good choices or “good end affection”, but you also have to avoid making too many bad choices too, because then you get too much “bad story end affection”! Easiest way to avoid all that affection? Just skip every chatroom! LOL.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that just skipping every chatroom is not enough to get BRE (at least sometimes). Apparently you do need a little bit of negative affection level for the character. Too much and you get the Bad Story End instead. Another user has said what you need is to collect the black breaking hearts. I’m still in the process of trying it myself.

Also, so far I’ve noticed you can make phone calls during Bad Story Ends, but the phone is literally disabled during the BRE. Cheritz made some calls exclusive to Bad Story Ends, but didn’t even bother programming anything at all during BRE.

BRE’s are interesting, but don’t have any CG’s. I honestly and sincerely recommend doing the first one for Yoosung though. He had a… notably unique BRE at his first Caution point.

Also, since some places don’t have a BRE, you can do an entire section of the game without entering the chat and still pass through towards the good end. After all, you didn’t earn any “bad end affection” right? lol, kind of ridiculous but hey, whatever works I guess.

There are also a few endings to find even before you end up on a character route at the beginning of Day 5.

The very beginning of the game, the Prologue, actually has an ending snuck in there. It happens before you are shown the main game screen (pictured below), so if you make it there, you missed it. Good news is it is easy to just go to the Settings and click on “Start Over” to delete the current game in progress. Don’t worry, it won’t delete your album, save files, nor anything you’ve unlocked.

mystic messenger menu settings

The other early Bad Ending to find is in the Common Route. There is one in the Casual Common route, and a different one in the Deep Common route. It happens when you don’t have enough affection to start a character route. If you got it on accident, you either didn’t earn enough affection, or earned too much affection from the wrong character. Or maybe you had two characters with the same amount. You can only go for Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung in the Casual Story, and Jumin and 707 are in the Deep Story.

The easiest way to get the Common route bad ends on purpose, is to just ignore the chatrooms. Or you can just earn hearts for the wrong characters (like Jumin during the Casual story) and avoid everyone else’s hearts.

“What about Deep Story and After Stories/Secret End?”

I have absolutely no idea what goes on there, since I have only played the Casual Story. Yup, I haven’t beaten the game yet. Don’t spoil it for me!

“I missed some chat rooms, will I get a bad end?”

You can miss a few, or sometimes a lot, of chatrooms and still make your way along the Good path. It’s all about making enough of the right choices, but you don’t have to make ALL of the right choices. As for how many you can miss… it’s kind of hard to say. In my experience, I was able to get along by getting about 50% of each day completed, but I had to get pretty much every answer in those chats right. Besides, missing that much game time is kind of sad since you miss out on a lot of interaction and character development.

And like I said, I haven’t seen an exact formula on how much affection you need. Just try to get what you can. And if you missed too many and got a bad end, just reload from right before the last Caution, and use some Hourglasses to unlock your missed chats to try and earn more affection. It has been proven that you do earn affection from missed chats that you unlocked with Hourglasses. : )

That’s all I got for now. I hope this was a tiny bit helpful to the players out there. ^^;;

And again, I didn’t beat the game so don’t ask me questions about Jumin or Seven or the Secret Ends. Thank you. ^^

EDIT: For more more guides and help, this post is a collection of helpful links- click here.
mystic messenger ending guide faq hints

60 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger – Different endings FAQ

  1. Ellieza says:

    Just wanted to add that there’s a Bad End during the Prologue and in the two Common Route.. Though it’s kinda silly to get it, especially the Prologue Bad End lol (>w<)/

    In tumblr there's a compilation of guides for endings, it might be useful for everyone.. I can link it if you want😀

    • Lehst says:

      Oh yeah, I thought about those but didn’t add them to the post. I blame life distractions lol. I’ll put that section in. xD thanks

      and feel free to link any detailed guides in a comment. I got used to seeing the list of guides on the FB group’s pinned post. there are a lot of dedicated players! I’m grateful to them.

      • Ellieza says:

        Glad to help! And here you go~

      • rose says:

        i got a caution thing on my and thank god i save it but do we ignore it or clike it i dont no

      • Lehst says:

        you have to click on it. it is just a warning that the next section of the game is ahead. that choices you made up until then will decide if you keep going on the good path or get routed to a bad end. After you click it, you still have to wait until the next chatroom opens to see what happens.

  2. Jemima Yan says:

    Does anyone know if the secret endings are before, during or after the actual endings?? Thanks

    • Lehst says:

      I believe you have access to Secret Ending 1 after Seven’s route. Then Secret Ending 2 is unlocked after you complete the first one. You have to pay hourglasses to play them though. I don’t remember how many, like 180 or something?

      • Leshu says:

        You have to clear Sevens GOOD ending. If you go to the ‘After Ending’ after that on the main screen (like where also the book and the ‘load’ clock if), not only Sevens After Ending will be showing up but also someones pic (I won’t spoil whose tho) at the Secret Ending 1. It has 7 ‘episodes’ which are about 10-20 minutes long to play (it’s really worth the hg, believe me!) and each episode costs 10 hg. I heard that the 2nd secret ending has 7 episodes as well so you’d need 140 hg in total. Keep in mind that Sevens After Ending also costs 20 hg if you want to unlock it as well on the same day. I’d recommend you to play Sevens route last because damn the story gets really into the details and well… if you’ve once read the Secret Endings you’ll be emotionally destroyed, really. :”) So save that for when you’re done with all the routes so you won’t regret it. I played through Zens and Sevens route and also through the first Secret Ending and I’ll try to play Yoosungs/Jumins/Jaehes routes before I read the Secret ending 2 because I feel like it’ll reveal too much to make the game still enjoyable. Anyways, sorry the long reply “” I hope I could help you~

  3. Kristy says:

    Hello! So I have a question ^-^ I’m on Yoosung’s route currently, and I got until day 10. It’s 12:58am right now where I am, but it doesn’t let me move onto the next day (final/last day). Do you have any idea why? If you could reply back, that’d be amazing ^3^ Thank you!

    • Lehst says:

      Hi : )
      the first chatroom on every route’s Final Day is at 8:00 AM. Then the party at noon. So the day won’t open until then.
      (although you probably saw that by now lol.)

  4. Scarlett says:

    I don’t no why but I got bad ending at the beginning of day five with Yoosung. He started talking about being robots and then he was taken by unknown. The words bad end showed up on my screen and I had to start the game over. It happened twice and I can’t pass it. Is there anything in specific I should do?

    • Lehst says:

      “The other early Bad Ending to find is in the Common Route. There is one in the Casual Common route, and a different on in the Deep Common route. It happens when you don’t have enough affection to start a character route. If you got it on accident, you either didn’t earn enough affection, or earned too much affection from the wrong character. Or maybe you had two characters with the same amount. You can only go for Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung in the Casual Story, and Jumin and 707 are in the Deep Story.”

      Basically you didn’t have enough hearts for one person during days 1-4 (I hear days 3 and 4 matter more, but that has yet to be proven.) Day 5 on the chatroom day list is supposed to show a pic of the character route you are on. If there is no pic, then you didn’t make it into a route, and got the unique “Common Route Day 5” which only has bad ends.

  5. Nu Nu says:

    i kinda busy and miss consevation, if i use hourglass, wil everthing will be normal, will the phone call still come?😀

    I want to have Zen route but now im in Yoosung’s route xD any tip for me next time? should i join teasing him more xD?

    • Lehst says:

      Edited: You won’t get the phone call if you used hourglasses to unlock the missed chat. Unlocking missed chats lets you earn more hearts, and make more choices to try and get the good or bad endings. I’ve done that a lot.

      To avoid Yoosung next time, tease him along with 707. Don’t say he’s cute, and you don’t like games. And just be less nice to him. Also you could skip that chats that Zen isn’t in. That way you can avoid other character hearts. If you have a chat with Jaehee, just side with Jumin a lot, to avoid her hearts.

      • Deuxcis says:

        Hi Lehst! Thanks so much for your helpful Mystic Messenger posts! ^o^ This was a while back, so I’m not sure if it’s still true, but in my experience, when I missed chats with phone calls scheduled after them, I didn’t get the calls automatically if I later used hourglasses to unlock the chats. (I haven’t called anyone back, whether I picked up or no.) Has this been changed? And as far as I know, you don’t earn hearts from phone calls. I’m sorry for sounding confrontational, but do you have evidence for your observations? Did your heart meter really go up? I noticed that you did a good job with the party grades, so I was kind of hoping for the same meticulousness here.🙂

      • Lehst says:

        no you’re fine, you didn’t sound confrontational at all ^^

        Damn, you are right about the missed chat calls. I’ve had so few that I forgot, so I tested it just now. That’s not good. Cheritz is making this game hard.

        It’s ridiculous that you can get [outgoing call] you missed, if you call them before entering the unlocked chat (while it is still outlined in green after you pay), since unlocking changes the game’s time to that chat’s time (the clock on screen doesn’t visibly change) until you enter it. But you can’t get the [incoming call] that is attached to the chat right after you save&exit. wtf Cheritz…

        And I didn’t mean to say that you could earn heart from phone call, I was referring to unlocked chats. The sentence sounded a bit mixed up before, cuz I’m trying to explain something convoluted in only a few words. which is why this reply is too long lol.

        guh…The programming in this game is convoluted too. *facepalm* There are literally some call variations that are impossible to get due to programming issues, and they aren’t simple like a “glitch”. The framework is screwed up.

        anyways, thanks for the help!

    • Lehst says:

      hey Nu Nu, replying again, because I was wrong earlier. You don’t receive an incoming call after a chat that was unlocked with hourglasses.😦 but you can look for outgoing calls tou might have missed. so I’d pay to unlock the chat, don’t enter it yet, and call everyone. then after checking the phone, enter the unlocked chatroom.

      So far , I usually see about 3-5 incoming calls per day. but if you have calling cards, there are about 6-8 outgoing calls to find, usually. (lol I do have a day with only 3 outgoing, but the next one had 9, probably to make up for it.)

      • Deuxcis says:

        Oh good, I’m glad I didn’t offend you. Thanks for the clarification! Gah…I messed up the timing and wasted 5 hourglasses trying to call someone back (although it was a bad end so I’m not sure it would have been any different? I didn’t know you had to unlock bad end chatrooms too -w-). I’ll know for next time to unlock the chatroom first, then call. Grr.

        Yeah…you seem to have a deeper understanding of the programming of the game than I do, and your insights have been really helpful!

      • Lehst says:

        oh my ^^ nice words.
        you are very welcome, I enjoy talking about the gameplay, even if it is frustrating sometimes. I finally started Day 2 of Deep Story today, and I’m looking forward to the day I finish the game and can take on more questions and discussions.

        In the future I plan to make a list of my phone calls, but a full guide with timestamps would be too hard (I don’t have enough notes for one.) It’ll just be useful for cross-referencing which calls have been found for each day. It’ll be a few weeks though until I can do that.

  6. Valentina says:

    I just finished to read your guide and I think I got most of it. I’m quite new here, I just played one route but my head is still full of questions.
    Uhm, the thing that bothers me the most are the Caution points. I understand very well that in those points the game branches and it could lead you to different endings BUT my question is: could you find a different bad ending in EVERY caution point? I mean, is it the same if you get a bad ending the 6th day or the 9th day?

    I am sorry if it’s not clear, I AM VERY CONFUSED MYSELF😄

    Ps. Oh and I’ve understood the BRE and BSE differences (even though I couldn’t experiment them yet😛 )… so my question is not about getting these two different types of bad ending. I’m just wondering if there are more types of BRE or BSE (?) endings in one route!

    • Lehst says:

      very good question! : )

      Yes, every Caution has a very different bad ending at each one. So far there has been 3 BSE and usually 2 BRE in each route (I didn’t find a second one for Yoosung, I dunno why), and usually BSE 3 has a CG illustration for the Album.

  7. jorenechew says:

    Can anyone tell me if there are better endings than good end or is that the best ending we can get??

    • Lehst says:

      If anyone finds a different ending please let us know!

      That said, I doubt there is a better ending. The Good end is basically a better version of the Normal end. (They should have named them Great and Good instead lol.)
      Also, people have already completed the Album so a better ending wouldn’t have a new CG. You get a different CG from the Good end than the Normal end, and you get another CG from the After Story, that is only unlocked by getting the Good end.

  8. EllyJo says:

    Sorry but im new to otome games, especially since this is my first one haha anyways i want to ask… do i need to get all ends to know the character backstory? sorry if i sound stupid now haha

    • Lehst says:

      It’s ok, welcome to otome🙂
      I’m a little unsure what you mean by backstory. If you mean, to learn about each character in general, then you will learn most about them by making to the last chapter and getting either the Good or Normal End. You learn a little about them from bad ends, but with this game it is mostly just “what if the character is pushed the wrong way? How does someone with this personality react?” So it isn’t entirely important. You do learn a little bit about the villians in bad ends, but only a tiny bit.

      Or do you mean to ask, do you need to get every ending to unlock the true story or secret ending? Some otome games require that, but Mystic Messenger just requires you to get 707’s Good End to unlock the Secret End. (I guess 707’s route has the most information about the main storyline, so it is recommended you do it last. The mystery would be gone from other routes.)
      Also, to see a character’s After Story (epilogue) you only need their Good End.

  9. Mine says:

    So I am still on my day 5, and got zen for my character route. Before that I joined a conversation with Zen about the robots dream stuffs. And I ended up that he shaked it off. People said if it’ll turn to be a bad end (even just on the day 5), or not…? PLEASE PEOPLE TELL ME I REALLY WANT TO GET A GOOD END WITH HIM. Since I also heard if the bad end is quite creepy…. I’m scared. ㅠㅠ

    • Lehst says:

      That chatroom at the end of Day 4 happens no matter what. The only time chatrooms will change is after you hit the Caution branch point. If you see a character’s picture in the Day List on Day 5 onwards, then you avoided the very early Bad End you get from not reaching a character route.

      To win over Zen… as with any character route, just focus on being a caring, considerate, and rational person. Like you would probably expect to act in real life. Being a hyper-possessive jerk that won’t listen to reason usually pisses people off, lol!

  10. Eli chan says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work, this is really helpfull.
    The thing is i have been searching a lot for an answer for my question but no one is answering me.
    i hope you will tho 😢
    I know it might sound stupid but i really can’t find an answer so please help me 💗
    my question is ☟☟
    I’ve just finished the 4th day and got Yoosung route and i got the caution and saved the game.
    But what i don’t understand is what should i do now!
    Like i looove 707 so should i get bad endings in all routes if i wanted to get a good ending in 707 route ?
    Or it doesn’t matter ?
    Like do i have to deal with the routes individual?
    Or it is all related?

    • Lehst says:

      It doesn’t matter which characters you play, nor does it matter if you get their bad endings or not. This game doesn’t require full ending completion. To see the After Story (epilogue) for a character, you need to get their Good End. You can ignore Bad Ends forever if you want, I just think they are fun.

      The only thing you need to do, is play Seven’s Good End if you want to unlock the Secret End. But it is highly recommended you play Seven’s route last, since the story could be spoiled for other characters a bit. The story is a lot more mysterious that way, but it is up to you.

      So basically, the game is not strict at all. Play it however you want! ^^

  11. Sonea says:

    Hello, I have a problem and maybe could you help me? Now I’m trying to do second bad relationship ending with Zen. I already went through third game branch and nothing special happend and chats continues like in good end route. I skipped every chat from the first branch till now. Will there be bad end later or something or Zen has just one bad relationship end?

    • Lehst says:

      Unfortunately, I’ve recently heard other users having the same problem. It is possible that with one of the game updates, it broke the access to the BRE in a few places. It was supposed to show up at his last Caution. I haven’t tested it again myself, so I can only suggest contacting Cheritz.

      • kuma says:

        Ah, that makes sense–i have been trying to get Jahee’s bad relationship endings and i have one account that has done nothing and still made it to day 10 so far. =_=
        Well, at least now i know. =_=

      • Sonea says:

        Thanks a lot for answering. Fortunately I didn’t waste my time for this cause I got normal ending, but I’m little disaponted, because I really love bad endings😛 I’ll follow your advice and try asking Cheritz

  12. Bubbly says:

    Hey I’m playing mystic messager again and I’m doing the yoosung route again. I was wondering how do I get the good ending and not the ending where he ends up in hospital? What do I do to get the good ending instead of that one?

    • Lehst says:

      Do what you did to get the Normal End, but also have at least 10 guests arrive at the Party. When you do the guest emails, if it says “Completed” in blue text then they will definitely arrive at the party. If it says “Completed” in red text then that guest might arrive, or they might not.

      If your game said that 10 or more guests arrived at the door and you still got the Normal End anyways, please reply! Because I haven’t seen that happen.

  13. Lara Patel says:

    Hi! Is it necessary to create a new save file day 5 onwards?
    Do you know how many hourglasses a save slot costs? Im planning to save before the cautions because I dont want to start from day 1 if ever I mess up. Thanks!

    • Lehst says:

      It isn’t exactly necessary to make a save file, just helpful. In a route there are 4 points of Caution. There is the one on Day 4, which decides what route you will start on. After that there are 3 more caution branch points, that either steer you toward the Good/normal End, or they swiftly show you a character route specific bad ending. The easiest answer I can give is have a save file at the first 3 Cautions, and maybe the 4th Caution (but in most cases it’d be pointless to reload from there.) It sort of depends on what you’ve done and how much you know about the game, but you could get away with only having 1 or 2 save files. It’s too hard to explain without going really in-depth.

      I don’t know how many hourglasses it costs to unlock a save slot for use. If you click on it, it should ask you if you want to pay for it. After that the save slot should be free to use over and over. I am VIP so I am unsure. I just know the game always has a dialogue box that asks me if I want to use HG, shows the cost, and I can click yes or no.

      I only know that eventually it will cost 5 HG to manually load a save file, but at this time it is still free to load from the Load Screen. (It will always be free to auto-load when the game app opens and you log in.)

  14. Manduka says:

    How many hourglass does it cost to save? Im not a vip member 😑

    • Lehst says:

      It shouldn’t cost anything to save, you have one save slot open for use, right?

      I don’t know how many hourglasses it costs to unlock another save slot for use. If you click on it, it should ask you if you want to pay for it. After that the save slot should be free to use over and over. I am VIP so I am unsure. I just know the game always has a dialogue box that asks me if I want to use HG, shows the cost, and I can click yes or no.

      I only know that eventually it will cost 5 HG to manually load a save file, but at this time it is still free to load from the Load Screen. (It will always be free to auto-load when the game app opens and you log in.)

  15. Sawako says:

    I really don’t get the difference between bad story endings and bad relationship endings, can someone explain to me?

    I got 3 bad endings for every character route, + 1 normal ending and 1 good ending. So there’re more bad endings for the characters?

    What I got so far besides the characters endings were the prologue bad ending and the common route bad ending (the one in casual story with Yoosung… That was creepy af protect Yoosung).

    But I don’t get the difference between BSE and BRE, and all the bad endings I saw on youtube were the same 3 I got by simply making the wrong choices. Basically… If after a caution I ignore the chats completely, then I’ll get a completely different bad ending at the next caution?

    • Lehst says:

      Yes, the BRE and BSE are different. Usually the BRE is about how you haven’t been around, instead of doing something to drive your love interest crazy (like in some BSE.) But not every Caution has a BRE. Also right now, it seems that some of them are broken and won’t show up for some players.

      At the moment I know there are 2 BRE for Zen, Jaehee and Jumin, and 1 for Yoosung. I haven’t heard about Seven. I wouldn’t think there is more than 2 because for instance, Zen has one on Day 7, while BRE 2 is at his last Caution point on Day 10.

      • kuma says:

        My sister actually got the second BRE for Yoosung. It seems just ignoring him isn’t enough–you have to give a few negative answers to push down your affection points with him but not enough to get a BSE (I had to do the same thing to get Jaehee’s BREs….)

      • Lehst says:

        oooh ! Thank you! I haven’t gone thru to try for BRE again so I had no idea. I will be updating the faq with this news. ;_; *tears of joy* this is really helpful!

  16. mint says:

    Hello, I’m new in otome game, and I’ve just try play this mystic messenger game, and after some time I look in the internet about this game, they all say that after you finish 1 route, the play will reset and you can play again from the beginning. now I’m playing Yoosung route in day 8th, if in example I got bad ending, and I want to play Yoosung route again (or another), did the game reset from the very first start (like the first time I download the game) or will it be just restarting the story (but the photo and the other stuff still remain)? sorry for my bad english x_x thankyouu

    • Lehst says:

      You keep everything you unlock, like the album, and guest list. Also, after you get a good or normal end, you can replay chatrooms for free in the Extra menu without waiting each day.

      When you get to an End, it just makes a new story, but you don’t lose your stuff. If you want to try again from Day 1, click on “Start Over” from the Settings. It doesn’t delete everything.🙂

  17. rize says:

    Umm… How can i enter anithanother route after good ending, what hapoehappens after 11th day..? Am currently on yoosung’s route.. if it ends do i really have to restart the game after the 11thday to reach uup zen’s route, what if it turns all again in that way..?? I am little bit confused what to do after the ending, and in save loas feature

    • Lehst says:

      After you see the end, you go back to the main menu. You can start another route by selecting either Casual Story or Deep Story, and it starts the game at Day 1. You have to play the common route again, but select the answers that will put you on character route you want. So next time, be nice to Zen but not nice to Yoosung. If you don’t get the route you want, just click “Start Over” from Settings.

  18. Good day. I would like to ask, will I still be able to obtain a good ending even if I got a couple broken hearts from the guy whose route I’m on?

    • Lehst says:

      Yes, it is still possible. I’ve had at least one or two before, but I had a ton of good end affection to balance it out (and then some). Just take those choices as a clue to what they dislike, and you should be okay~ It’s still hard to say how much affection you need, but so far I have found the game more forgiving than other otoge’s.

  19. aiiyumb says:

    hi.. i got seven’s route good ending.. but the secret story still locked.. how to make it unlocked?
    sorry for my bad english

  20. Frozen Mochi says:

    But… I got a bad ending before even going to one of any characters’ route. I do not know what caused it.

    • Lehst says:

      I edited your comment because it had spoilers. dont worry, I understand what happened. I quote,

      “The other early Bad Ending to find is in the Common Route. There is one in the Casual Common route, and a different one in the Deep Common route. It happens when you don’t have enough affection to start a character route. If you got it on accident, you either didn’t earn enough affection, or earned too much affection from the wrong character. Or maybe you had two characters with the same amount. You can only go for Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung in the Casual Story, and Jumin and 707 are in the Deep Story.”

      I am guessing you went for Seven in Casual Story when you can’t get him there. When you hit the Caution at the end of Day 4, you didn’t get a route. You got Common route Day 5 instead, which is only a bad end.

  21. I got Zen’s good ending, but I don’t know how to get out of the Good Ending Screen. I don’t know how to get after endings either. Are after endings for VIPs only? Also, my game kept crashing and I had to keep participating in the party every time T_T Could you help me?

    • Lehst says:

      You need to send a bug report to Cheritz. Tell them your game doesn’t save after you complete the party, and the game froze on the Good Ending screen.

      Normally, it does a hidden autosave when you see the End screen, and it jumps to the main menu. The After Story is available to all players that complete a Good End (it costs HG for everyone.) The reason your game makes you do the Party every time you restart the app, is because it didn’t save; it doesn’t know you reached the end. This glitch has happened to other players too, you’ll just have to contact Cheritz and wait for them to fix it. I hope it works for you soon~

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