Mystic Messenger- phone call list

mystic messenger phone

First off, this post is not a true guide! It’s just a post for reference. If you are looking for something more comprehensive, with timestamps on when you can find phone calls, visit 夢見る世界. A couple of us are collaborating with the wonderful Ilinox, who is compiling everything into a nicely formatted chart, but it is still a work in progress.

So what I am posting here is a simple list of the phone calls I’ve found thus far, sorted by route and day, by typing up their names as seen in the “Extra” menu. After completing a route’s good or normal end, you get access to the Extra menu and you can re-listen to all your phone calls. Unfortunately, the game does NOT log them in chronological order, just by day.

This is mostly just useful for those that have already completed a route, and want to check and compare their list of unlocked calls. The names of the phone calls do list some specific things that happen in the story.
So if you are looking at this list ahead of time,

update 10/12: Jaehee’s and Yoosung’s calls are now in chronological order (still separated by in and out tho.) I just completed Deep common/Jumin’s good end so I’ll add those soon.

First Day
incoming calls
707: Your bank account has been…
Jaehee: Jaehee Kang
Yoosung: I’m Yoosung Kim!
Jumin: your first time hearing my voice.
Zen: Do you have any questions?
outgoing calls
Yoosung: I’m home now.
Jaehee: this is Jaehee Kang.
Jumin: this is my break time.
Zen: go out on a night stroll with you…
Yoosung: my eyes are super heavy.
Zen: What’s up?
Yoosung: I’m in the middle of a round…
Jumin: why are you calling?
Jumin: Jumin Han
Jaehee: What is up this early…
Zen: You’re up early.
Yoosung: I’m in class.
Day 2 Casual Story
incoming calls
Jaehee: whether you had lunch…
Zen: our previous parties.
Yoosung: I just waited for him.
outgoing calls
Zen: Working out!
Jumin: What time is it…
Jaehee: Do you like cats?
Yoosung: how to make omurice
Jumin: Elizabeth 3rd is so beautiful…/td>
Zen: I’m in a meeting right now.
Jaehee: Elizabeth’s hair..
Jumin: receive calls…
Yoosung: the team fights on!!
Zen: I have good news.
Jaehee: an endless amount of work…
Yoosung: (name will be updated soon)
Day 3 Casual Story
incoming calls
Zen: my allergy…
707: Honey Buddha Chips and…
Jumin: I wonder how your day has been.
outgoing calls
Jumin: 2.97 kilos….
Jaehee: a business trip.
Yoosung: almost on campus…
Jaehee: the office cafeteria…
Zen: I’m in the shower…
Yoosung: I’m in the shower!
Yoosung: a bus ride to low level…
Jaehee: please forget what I said…
Jumin: You dare to call me…
Zen: become someone’s muse…
Jaehee: I’m at home resting.
Day 4 Casual Story
incoming calls
Zen: Did you sleep well?
Yoosung: Seven was so harsh
Jaehee: being a pet sitter…
707: I surrender! White flag!…
outgoing calls
Jaehee: getting rid of all the fur.
Yoosung: I’m sure he’s an S…
Yoosung: I must drink chocolate milk…
Jaehee: emotionless robot!!!
Jumin: With my precious lady…
Zen: a meeting with the director…
Yoosung: we only have a week…?
Jaehee: the cat even at the office…
Yoosung: quit LOLOL.
Jumin: I’m at the beach right now.
Zen: the mirror suddenly break.
Zen Route
Day 5
incoming calls
707: Honey!
Zen: “Zen, the Knight”.
Zen: I’m so nervous…
Zen: what a jerk Jumin is.
Yoosung: I have a favor to ask you.
outgoing calls
Zen: What are you doing and not sleeping?
Zen: What do you think about Echo Girl?
Jumin: anything that concerns cats
Zen: money can’t take care of everything.
Yoosung: Last night I had a dream…
Jaehee: I have no personal feelings…
Day 6
incoming calls
Yoosung: I was just bored…
Zen: You’re okay right, babe?
Zen: Let’s be better together.
Jumin: I think you should go visit Zen…
outgoing calls
Zen: I’m sure you were worried…
Jumin: I know a hospital that…
Jaehee: he’ll get a better opportunity…
Zen: Modern medical mystery.
Zen: I really missed you…
Yoosung: Should I give you a tip?
Day 7
incoming calls
Zen: Honey, do you like fish shaped buns?
707: Is this a super power?
Jumin: remind you that you are visiting Zen…
Jaehee: Is everything okay with Zen?
Zen: I long for you so much.
outgoing calls
Zen: The regret is driving me crazy…
Zen: there might be hope again.
Yoosung: I used to think studying is…
Zen: I want to see you so bad.
Jumin: Tell Zen all the good things about cats.
Jaehee: All I can do to support him
Zen: It was so sad to send you away…
Day 8
incoming calls
Zen: I’m finally taking my cast off today.
Zen: Echo Girl was just here.
Yoosung: I’ve been smelling something weird…
Jumin: you are the closest to him…
Zen: I had no idea this would happen…
outgoing calls
Zen: can you leave me alone for now?
Zen: What are you doing still up?
Zen: I miss you like crazy!
Zen: Babe… Did you eat?
Jumin: I respect your perseverance.
Yoosung: dragoooooooon!
Day 9
incoming calls
Zen: The air is really fresh…
Jumin: You’ve done something incredible.
Zen: something I want to tell you.
Jaehee: I want to apologize…
Zen: I just wanted to hear your voice…
outgoing calls
Zen: I knew we were connected.
Zen: I’ll pay you back
Jumin: I need to hear your opinion.
Bad End call:
Zen: Zen
Day 10
incoming calls
Zen: I had a nightmare…
Yoosung: Stop ittttttt!!!
Zen: just promise me…
Jaehee: A bomb and now an intruder?
Jumin: I feel the need to apologize to you…
Zen: I love you.
outgoing calls
Jumin: Zen must be right beside you…
Jaehee: See you there.
707: The good people always win…
Jumin: Did something happen?
Zen: I’m sure it must be so scary.
Jaehee: Please try to calm yourself down.
Yoosung: Are you okay?
Zen: I’m here with you.
Yoosung: I’m so glad you’re safe…
Day 11
incoming call
Zen: Thank you for choosing me.
Jaehee Route
Day 5
incoming calls
707: Hey sis~~
Jaehee: I rarely make mistakes…
Jumin: the smell of cherries…
Jaehee: Hearing your voice…
Jaehee: I’m really not interested in seeing anyone.
outgoing calls
Jaehee: …..Mhmmm….
Jaehee: could I… dwell on my greivances a bit?
Zen: Don’t you think he’s so mean to her.
Yoosung: I really can’t live without LOLOL…
Jumin: Assistant Kang?
Jaehee: He said he respects me…
Day 6
incoming calls
Zen: there’s nothing to worry about me.
Jaehee: I just… wanted to hear your voice.
Jaehee: I thought I’d feel better if I talk about it…
707: Safety is key.
Jaehee: There’s a hacker who’s after us?
Jaehee: I arrived at Zen’s house safely.
outgoing calls
Jaehee: Elizabeth just stepped on my stomach.
Zen: What’s up? It’s really late.
Jumin: running the company is tiring itself…
Jaehee: His body is his asset as an actor…
Yoosung: I had a strange though yesterday evening.
Jaehee: I’m very concerned of everyone’s safety now.
Yoosung: This couple that met in LOLOL got married.
Jaehee: Both of us do not have feelings for each other.
Day 7
incoming calls
Jaehee: I feel quite horrible…
Jaehee: I’ve developed a habit of calling you
707: I got nervous
Jumin: Black background or white background…
Jaehee: Do you like coffee by any chance?
Zen: I need some advice…
outgoing calls
Jaehee: You should go to bed now.
Yoosung: I see the map in front of my eyes…
Jumin: it sounds very interesting.
Jaehee: I can’t help but yawn.
Zen: Hey, leg!! Get better!
Jaehee: A cat hotel…
Jaehee: Are you still awake?
Day 8
incoming calls
707: I was just too busy.
Jaehee: I felt all sentimental…
Yoosung: You and Jaehee seemed close these days.
Zen: gift
Zen: I just came back from Jaehee’s house…
Bad End call:
Jumin: Jumin
outgoing calls
Jaehee: Thanks for calling.
Zen: I’m actually at the hospital right now!
Jumin: you want to talk about Assistant Kang?
Jaehee: the coffee business…
Yoosung: This place is scary.
Jaehee: working hard for the company…
Jaehee: I’ve gathered up my courage…
Day 9
incoming calls
707: Help me!
Jaehee: I’ve made an important decision…
Zen: Jaehee, bravo!
Jumin: I just sighed.
Jaehee: Having a job is no longer everything to me.
outgoing calls
Jaehee: I’m still quite light headed…
Jumin: I don’t want to chit chat…
Zen: Hmm… UHm…. .Hello?
Jaehee: I’m glad to see Zen recovered.
Yoosung: get back to digging.
Jaehee: I feel quite bittersweet…
Day 10
incoming calls
Jaehee: I just had to hear your voice.
Jaehee: I’m thinking of learning how to bake.
Jaehee: Did you read the messages?
707: The party is finally tomorrow…
outgoing calls
Jaehee: I plan to go see a film…
Jumin: Why can’t I hear anything?
Jaehee: It seems Mr. Han has stole Luciel’s car…
Zen: That elitist bastard….
Yoosung: I’m studying right now.
Jaehee: I’m really shocked.
Jumin: I want to say something private
Jaehee: The party is finally today.
Day 11
incoming call
Jaehee: Are you feeling okay…?
Yoosung Route
Day 5
incoming calls
Yoosung: I looked at Rika’s photo…
Yoosung: Why am I so anxious the whole day?
Zen: How was your day?
Yoosung: I think I’m a bit weird.
outgoing calls
Yoosung: I was just so sleepy…
Zen: I had a dream.
Jumin: I was looking over some documents.
Yoosung: The professor saw me.
Yoosung: Guess where I am at right now.
Yoosung: I’m busy cleaning the house.
Jaehee: You heard the news, right?
and this last call is glitched, probably not supposed to exist:
Jaehee: My ankle injury is enough.
Day 6
incoming calls
707: code name Zero Seven Zero, EXTREME.
(I know…. the name is weird…)
Yoosung: How’s the weather today?
Yoosung: I like making a fuss and cooking meals.
Yoosung: I just really wanted to hear your voice…
Zen: I hope you both are happy.
outgoing calls
Yoosung: I missed three buses.
Jumin: I was going to ask my advisor but…
Yoosung: I’m in the library.
Jaehee: I’m set to work late into the night.
Zen: Do you like to cook?
Yoosung: could you listen to me for a sec?
Day 7
incoming calls
Yoosung: I’m looking at the night sky.
Yoosung: Listen, I’ve been thinking…
Jumin: I wanted to tell you I’m back.
Zen: I have good news!
Yoosung: I hate V!
707: So everything’s fine?
BAD END calls:
Yoosung: Yoosung
Jumin: Jumin
Yoosung: Yoosung
outgoing calls
Jumin: international calls are expensive.
Yoosung: I’m in the bus!
Yoosung: Someone asked me out today.
Yoosung: I don’t want to say anything.
Jaehee: I assume you must be very tired.
707: What’s going on?
Yoosung: Are you okay? Nothing’s happened?
Jumin: You called me..Are you okay?
BAD END calls
Jumin: Jumin
Yoosung: Yoosung
707: 707
Yoosung: Yoosung
Day 8
incoming calls
Jaehee: I called to ask how you are doing.
Yoosung: number 1 speed dial?…
707: Dude, stop calling me!
outgoing calls
Yoosung: I was thinking about you…
Yoosung: Hello? Good morning!
Jaehee: I have much more work than I usually have.
Zen: Isn’t he such a jerk?
Yoosung: I’m still at school
Yoosung: I can’t believe Rika was sick…
Jumin: I just feel like someone is watching.
Day 9
incoming calls
Yoosung: I’m sorry to call you so late.
Zen: Do you know… how to speak Arabic by any chance?
Yoosung: What do you think about having pets?
Yoosung: I want to protect the person I love.
outgoing calls
Yoosung: I still have a lot to think about…
Yoosung: I have something to do with Jumin…
Yoosung: One… two… three…
Zen: I thought I was pretty close to V.
Jaehee: I am currently out right now…
707: This is Defender of Justice Seven Zero Seven!
Yoosung: I’m still in the car!
Day 10
incoming calls
Yoosung: Just thinking about it excites me…
Yoosung: I’m fine… so don’t worry.
Yoosung: I want to see you so bad…
707: I’m… I’m sorry.
Zen: You get to see Yoosung tomorrow
outgoing calls
Zen: I don’t think I can sleep tonight.
Yoosung: I feel relieved…
Jumin: why don’t you try drinking some hot tea?
Yoosung: I can see you in just a little bit…
707: No. No….
Yoosung: I’m back….
Jaehee: I wanted to congratulate you…
Day 11
incoming call
Yoosung: There’s something I want to tell you.

Typing this up was UNBELIEVABLY BORING but I wanted to do it anyways lol. This list is a work in progress, since [edit] life gets in the way. I did beat the game now, but haven’t thoroughly gone thru it all ends yet.

mystic messenger

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  1. Cat says:

    Good work, this is helpful to us fans, I’m sure it was tedious but it’s great! <333

    • Lehst says:

      >.< oh ty! I really should continue posting the rest lol. I plan to get them in chronological order too, it's just slow going. but hearing from you is very motivating! ^^

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