V – MysMe bjd cosplay

I really love V, from Mystic Messenger.

mystic messenger v

I saw some really nice glass eyes at Mint on Card and thought, “oh~! Those are like V~!” So I found an available wig the right color too.

I had to trim it myself, because it was originally a long-haired wig. To get V’s short hairstyle, it would make more sense to use a fur wig, but I really wanted it to be fiber.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pics~! These dolls are expensive, so I just made do with what I have. ^^

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

bjd doll mystic messenger v jihyun kim

So, how’d he turn out?
I still want to get more props and clothes to fit this lovely character~

Thanks for viewing! ^^

5 thoughts on “V – MysMe bjd cosplay

  1. Cat says:

    Omg he looks so pretty aaaah I want a bjd too hnnng

    • Lehst says:

      xD haha, thank you !! I’ll tell him you said that :3
      V, “Oh… thank you. Although, I’m not used to being the subject of the phototographs.”

      Bjd’s are quite the hobby. You definitely get out of it what you put into it, lol.

      • Cat says:

        Awww, V is a shy bun *_*
        V, come be the model for all the cosmetics brands, cause your skin glows, your hair flows, pls
        I believe that, tho it is an expensive hobby :’D

  2. kumiworld says:

    Can you tell me please, where did you buy the eyes? I want to make a V bjd he deserves all the love of the world!! I have the doll and i bought an eyes but the pupil is too big :(( please help;;

    AND Your baby is too precious i cry ;;;;


    • Lehst says:

      I bought these at Mint on Card since they are in the US. This is the category, you’ll have to check the size sub-categories for what colors are available. My boy is a 1/3 Dream of Doll, and I gave him the “14mm BJD Eyes – Cyan Ver 2 – (Round)”. His brand can wear 16mm eyes, but since his head’s eye holes are a bit narrow I went with the 14mm. (The eye’s size is the length of the iris’s diameter, not sure if you are a new doll owner or not lol.)

      Also, these are the first pair of glass eyes I’ve ever bought, and now I see that it is really true that glass eyes are very different from the acrylic or silicone types. They reflect the light and work really well for photography too. Usually they are kind of expensive (like I always saw them listed for at least $30!) but these ones weren’t. : o

      and LOL yes we must protect V! xD thank you, I’m happy you like him.

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