Photobucket is out to rob us.

At the moment most of my embedded images are broken. I have them hosted on Photobucket, but they suddenly decided that you have to subscribe to have your images posted on a third party website.

The subscription fees are outrageous, the most economical being $399 a year. THREE HUNDRED AND NINTY NINE DOLLARS.

I will have to switch hosts, which will take some time. In the meantime, expect broken images. Oddly enough though, they can still be viewed if you right-click to “view image in new tab.”

This article explains the issue in more detail-

Someone tell me this is a joke. Or some nutjob at photobucket launched this without consent… or an evil spy infiltrated and punked us all… what is this?!?! @_@ /

EDIT: In the end, I have hidden most of my WordPress posts. I will probably re-upload the images related to Mystic Messenger posts, but the rest might never see the light of day again. They were old and hardly relevant anymore so it’s not worth the effort. : /


5 thoughts on “Photobucket is out to rob us.

  1. All of my images are hosted on Photobucket, but all of mine work? And I have no idea why? Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet XD. Neither my wordpress or fc2 blogs are being restricted in any way, so I’m really confused. It could be because I’ve barely used any of the storage.

    • Lehst says:

      For me, some of my images work, and a lot don’t. I’m not sure how they went about swooping thru and disabling stuff. I only have 3% of my free storage used, and I really don’t have a lot of traffic on anything either. Apparently, a few days ago, if not even now, someone couldn’t even access their bucket on the main website either. They were like totally locked out. o.0

      Whatever, I’ll just use another host. I always assumed free hosts made a ton of money off the advertising on their site. I can understand having a low amount of bandwidth available for free users, but to remove the ability to hotlink altogether? Was that really a good idea?

      Whoops, went on a fair bit. XD anyways thanks for your input!

  2. Cat says:

    I was livid when I saw that too, it sucks and I hate that they’ve decided to do this ugh. I guess it’s time to jump ship to an actual decent host, heck IMGUR RN is way better than PB. What a mess. I only noticed because I got an email telling me third party viewing was disabled, which just made ??? About the whole thing.
    Good luck with changing all your pictures to another host, that’s going to be major work. RN I have all my stuff on WordPress itself, but if I had to change it all it would be a nightmare.
    Hang in there! 🔥🔥

    • Lehst says:

      haha, thanks. yeah it’s not so bad for my tiny blog, but dang I do feel for the folks that had waaaaay more hosted on PB. I wonder how the other image hosts have been affected by this, like which ones had a sudden influx of new uploads from people moving, lol.

      • Cat says:

        Yeah, people that have a bunch of GB’s worth of images on PB really got ducked up with this :/
        The other image hosters are rubbing their hands in glee, since I’m sure some will shell out for an actual good hoster that isn’t trying to scam the users 😹

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