Emoticon Pillows! Part 1 (MysMe)

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

Yay~!! My package from Cheritz arrived!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I was really excited to get these emoticon cushions, since they feature art regularly used while playing Mystic Messenger.

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

They had WAY more orders than they were expecting however, and so they had manufacturing and shipping delays. So they sent a little apology! So nice~! : D

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow cushion

…no seriously, I will probably never eat this and just hoard it away almost forever. ^^;;

Ok let’s get into the box~!!!

fluffy pillow #1 ! oooh feels nice.
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow cushion

…um… fluffy pillow #2 ? (._.;) How long will it take to fluff this up again?
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
Never fear! The pillow fattened up right away after breaking open the vacuum seal. whew! I’ve had a pillow shipped before that stayed generally flat and crappy forever. orz

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow pin
Ohhhhh~~~~ yes, the emoji pins!! I was really impressed with these when Cheritz first showed them off. I had assumed they were going to make lame button badges. These looked so good; I just caved and gave them all my money!

Cheritz even packed them (and everything else) with care. The individual cases are neat.^^

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow pin
Another pic with different lighting. They are really shiny~! but they look super nice IRL. You could only get a perfect set of 5 if you pre-ordered the entire set of emoticon pillows. Cheritz really has a thing for making limited items… at least this year they made it possible to buy the set (unlike the Halloween bonus last year.)


Lovely case #1 !! OMG JUMIN I LURVE UUUUUUU!!!

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow cushion

The print looks a little funny right now because they are double-sided, and the image on the other side is showing through without a pillow insert there.

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow cushion
Oh man oh man oh man! Look at those nice crisp lines! and the cute constellation background!

Lovely case #2 !! …aww!! Poor Yoosung is upset~!!

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
At first I was like… WHY CHOOSE THIS EMOTE? but then I realized… it is very memorable. You know… when you are going MAX SPEED in a chat with cutie-pie Yoosung… and he spams the emotes… and your family hears it and asks you “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PLAYING THAT SOUNDS REALLY SUGGESTIVE?!”
…yeah. good times.

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
The Mystic Messenger logo in one corner is pretty. Also!! Notice how the background is different on each case? The arrangement of the stars and planets varies! So many designers would have been lazy and just done a copy pasta, but not Cheritz! ❤

Robot ca-I mean! LOVELY case #3 !! ^_^;;
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

Hehe, doesn’t that smile just feel so nice? The light brown trim and little flowers are so relaxing~~

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
Again, a crisp, clean, high resolution print.

PERFECT MAN. (…aka #4)
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow cushion
PERFECTION WITH A SIDE OF PERFECTION. I feel like I can actually hear him saying, “Chagiya~!” x3 mmm~!! Oppa~!! I’m here!

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
…you know the drill by now.
The red might seem really intense on some people’s monitors, but I can assure you the colors look well-balanced IRL.

And finally the one that about 95% of you are waiting to see:
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
Secret Agent Seven-
Seven~! Very nice!
I wasn’t a big fan of Seven (I like him a lot, but usually not in a romantic way) but I was really looking forward to his cushion. I actually positively adore the other side, but we’ll just have to visit that NEXT TIME~!!

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
Seriously, the gradients are nice on everyone, but it really looks spectacular on Seven’s hair. I wonder how many test prints they did to get the colors on these right. The results are wonderful.

The pillow cases are EXCELLENT. No regrets on splurging for the whole set. …well except my wallet hurts a bi-NO REGRETS! ! xD

The surface is a really soft, matte texture. But compared to the previously released “707 Spaceship cushion”, it is really smooth too. Like… higher quality bed sheets or smth xD. I absolutely love it.

Oh yeah, they sent care instructions too. (tee hee, because they care~ lol)
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
I hope you enjoyed this post, I reall-

mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow

Wow~!! Cheritz sent a secret surprise yet again! These stickers are da bomb!
mystic messenger emoticon emoji pillow
Holy whoa, they even sent two sheets of each character, so I could actually use some and still keep a clean sheet. Awesome~! I love you Cheritz! ❤ ❤ ❤

I have some ironing to do, and a little something special planned, so fans of MysMe and merch should come check it out! XD

EDIT: Part 2 of this review is now up~! (link)

Did you purchase any of Cheritz’s new pillows? How about the body pillow cases? I’d love to hear what you think of them! ^_^

cheritz box package cushion

13 thoughts on “Emoticon Pillows! Part 1 (MysMe)

  1. 1_chan says:

    Ahh! I really wanted to order these but my wallet can’t handle the prices at the moment haha…it’s a pity I can’t make it in time for the limited edition items ;; 7 ;; )). Oh I saw a Jumin Han body pillow unwrapping on Youtube during the past week and OHO~ + 7 + ))///! It come with THAT red ribbon in a neat lil black drawstring pouch. Idk if you’ve seen that or not, but I majorly regretted not ordering the body pillows. I wanted to see Seven’s, but it seems nobody posted one yet >> )) Anyway! I’m looking forward to your next post eheh~ Thanks for this!

    • Lehst says:

      Yeah, I saw a few posts of Jumin’s pillow, but haven’t seen Seven’s yet. Admittedly I haven’t tried very hard to find any yet. Too busy~! T_T

      But thanks for visiting!! Yeah it’s a shame Cheritz does so much limited stuff, but I think they’ll restock the main stuff at least. After playing with these pillows a few days, my heart is full but damn my wallet is empty! XD

  2. Wow that’s some quality merch!! I never seem to catch these sales before they sell out lol

  3. Moggymawee says:

    Congrats!! Omg I’m so happy to see them all together! Thank you for buying the whole set! I felt the same way about YS’s emote.. why didn’t they choose the one with his eyes open? >.< but it's ok, still .< I really like the emotes they chose for him T^T.

    Sucks to hear about that pillow that stayed flat LOL! I've never really had that happen so I wasn't worried when I saw how well packed these Cheritz ones were hahaha ^^ Good thing that Cheritz pride themselves in quality!

    Also, about the lollipop – I don't think I'll ever open it either.. but how long do you think it'll keep? huhu x)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to part 2! Thanks for the fun reveal! 😀

    • Lehst says:

      I actually really like the crying one. It’s memorable lol, fun to do goofy things with too. If Yoosung was my bias tho, I’d probably be wishing more for his “thank you” emote or an open eyes one.

      haha! yes the lollipop collectors are we. It should basically last forever…it’s probably just a lump of colored sugar! Maybe 5 years from now I’ll eat it or toss it LOL.

      Glad you could visit, and part 2 is finally up! XD woooo~!

  4. Bonnie says:


    I have preodered the Yoosung emoticon pillows from Cheritz and they gave me 707 badges T_T I am dying to look for some way to exchange or to purchase the Yoosung badge, so may I ask you if you can sell the Yoosung badge for me, or if later you have intention to sell it please contact me.

    Thank you very much and hope you have a good day.

    • Lehst says:

      Sorry, one reason I bought the entire pillow set is because I wanted all five badges. Cheritz said the badge would be random if you only buy one pillow.

      I see where you are coming from though. I’ll leave your comment up in case someone else wants to trade. (But you are probably better off asking a group on Facebook or tumblr or wherever fans hang out.) Good luck!

    • Bonnie says:

      Thank you so much for your advise, and also sorry if I bothered you.

    • Mariquita15 says:

      Hi! I just saw your post. Would you be interested in selling your badge? I don’t have any of the badges.

      • Lehst says:

        If you are asking me, the blog owner, then the answer is definitely no. Someone else asked me this too, you can read my comment above. Honestly, it is actually a bit rude to ask people if they’ll sell their belongings, especially when they haven’t said anything to imply they don’t want their stuff. I’m sorry you missed out on getting these badges, but I myself had to spend a lot of money to get them.

        Right now Cheritz is selling some new badges on their shop though, if you are interested. They are really cute too! 🙂

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