Amnesia: Memories Keepsake Box

Seong-min is showing off the newly released Amnesia: Memories -Remnants of Love Keepsake Box-

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box shin
It just arrived direct from Iffy’s online store! The ship fee wasn’t great but it came in fast and secure! (Not all companies seem to pack correctly… I’m looking at you Goodsmile Co. >_> ) The cover is lovely and will make a nice display piece on the top of my bookshelf xD. I chose to buy the “box only” set since I decided to support the Vita version of the game, sold separately on PSN.

Let’s open it up!

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box shin
The first thing we see is a stack of coasters, featuring the “romance-able” boys in the game. I was pleasantly surprised to see these are more than just a light piece of cardboard.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box coasters
They are thick paper over metal (much like a button/badge) with cork bottoms! These coasters are the real deal! 8D You can use them for your drink or just let them decorate your table or dresser. I love printed artwork that can actually be used around the room. Plus artwork of the usual character sprites is something I’ve been missing from my collection. Love them!

Remove the first tray and you will find the game’s soundtrack CD.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box soundtrack cd
It comes in its own jewel case, which doesn’t always happen with bonus discs. The artwork on the outside and inside is really sleek and professional. The little things really count.

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box soundtrack cd
I love listening to a game’s soundtrack after playing, since you can re-live the world of the game just by hearing the familiar sound. And there’s always at least one track I’ll be addicted to, so having it on disc is really convenient. :]

The next layer has the artbook. It’s of decent size and excellent print quality. Seong-min is holding it open for us~

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box artbook
Inside is various color art, character profiles, game cgs, and surprisingly- rough drafts and settings. The book’s layout is really well put together. I only wish that a few artworks didn’t get inevitably sucked into the book’s spine. Still a great book though; artwork is a main staple of visual novels after all.

And with that we’ve reached the bottom of the box. Thanks for reading an- wait what?

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box ukyo
What is THAT.

It’s a pillowcase. An INCREDIBLY STUNNING body pillow case!

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box body pillow case
look at those colors! It’s so vivid! and the resolution is excellent! I’ve never seen a pillow case this good. Srsly, good dakimakura are ridiculously expensive so I haven’t owned one- until now! Definitely needs some ironing tho XDD

Let’s just get this to the iron… eh? Hey, now Seong-min…

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box pillow toma
Get off the handsome boys for a second! XD

Btw it’s 100% polyester and comes with care instructions. Use a COOL iron or else you will permanently damage the fabric!! I used a damp cloth under my iron to try and steam out the creases (it also acts as a buffer between the iron and the case.) It will take a lot of patience to get them out. Fair warning!

Ah~ there we go. The pillow fits right in! LOVE IT 8DDD

amnesia memories le limited edition english keepsake box body pillow case gift plush
Haha! Oh no, poor Ukyo. That beachball has escaped the others’ hands, much to their dismay! XD I’m glad the image is so cute without being too racy, as pillow art often is. Srsly, you have to see this in real life, the colorful setting is enchanting. x3

I was surprised when Iffy announced this set for preorder, not too long before its release no less. They must have had this in their back pocket for quite awhile. The Limited Edition Keepsake Box is probably the BEST video game LE I own, despite the fact there wasn’t a physical copy of the game. The set was $40, a pretty good price considering the quality of what you get, so I can feel a little better about paying the $30 for a digital only game (but that is an entirely different topic.) They’ve really done a great job letting the international market get their hands on official Otomate goods, FINALLY.

So support otome games and related merchandise and consider getting yourself a set of Amnesia goods! I highly recommend this box! ^_^

amnesia shin heroine

Amnesia bookmarks by Gift

amnesia bookmark vol 7 8

Huzzah! Ikki here is showing off a few sets of Amnesia bookmarks, made by Gift. Several earlier sets were available at retail, but volumes 7 and 8 here were event only. NEVERMIND THESE BOOKMARKS JUST WENT STANDARD! Preorders are open, item is set to release August 2014. I bought these a year ago how was I supposed to know it’d go standard oh well atleast price I paid was still pretty low but still this is ridiculous gah.

[Before they went standard] You had to buy them in person at an event in Japan, like a small convention or hobby show. And often wait for hours in ridiculous lines, I hear. I first saw these on Gift’s official site and instantly fell in love. Then I cried a little when a friend helped me decipher it’s limited availability. but… but… I really love the designs of the boys’ cafe uniforms so much!

amnesia otome cafe uniform shin ikki kent toma
^Who wouldn’t want to go to a cafe with staff like this? x3

Only through sheer diligence was I able to catch the bookmarks at auction (checking shops everyday can get tedious…lol). They are really nice! The print looks spectacular, even better than the promo sample. I have favorite characters, but seeing them arranged like this so nicely, I can’t choose a favorite. The uniform design, the background colors and motifs, and general balance of the artwork really makes me squee~~ ❤ ❤ ❤

amnesia bookmark shin toma orion
^Vol. VII out of the plastic sleeve.

I kind of regret taking them out to get a closer look, because as usual, they are pretty fragile. They are meant to be be popped out and used, but really, how often are collectibles actually used for their functional purpose?

amnesia bookmark ikki kent ukyo
Vol. VII here is being displayed without the white backing card. These prints on clear plastic never cease to amaze me.

^.^ So ridiculously happy. Now if only I could get a real one of these uniforms…
amnesia otome shin toma cafe uniform

~(˘▾˘~) *faints*

Amnesia (cont.)

amnesia banner

Today I’m continuing from my previous post on the Amnesia goods I recently purchased from duckie405. The other item I bought was a fantastic set of clear bookmarks. : ]

amnesia bookmarks
Clear bookmarks vol. 4 manufactured by Gift

Don’t let my mediocre photo fool you, these are really nice. The print quality is incredibly good, especially for something printed on plastic, as opposed to paper. It was so good, that at first I couldn’t tell that they are in fact transparent, even when they arrived and I saw them in person. Only after opening the package and slipping them off the paper backing could did I go “oh my gosh, they really are clear!”

As a warning though, they are a bit fragile. They are meant to be snapped apart so you can use them, so you have to be careful they don’t pop out on accident if you want to preserve their original form. If you do order some, I heavily recommend getting them shipped to you in some sturdy cardboard. Mine arrived safe and sound, thankfully~ Handling them to take photos was a bit tense though!

This photo is an attempt to demonstrate their transparency:

bookmarks transparent

They’re pretty fun. Holding them in front of my lamp has a really cool effect; they practically glow. I seriously recommend getting a set if you are a fan of Amnesia (or just good artwork). There are other sets available too, some with the characters drawn in chibi form~! Very cute~

Speaking of chibi forms, I was lucky enough to get a small bonus item- metallic sticker featuring chibi Shin! My favorite!
(How did you know? lol)

shin sticker
D’aww~! I just luff that face.

I actually thought about getting a set of these metallic stickers, but chose the bookmarks instead. They really shine! The picture below shows the light hitting it at a different angle. Also pictured is a sheet of official Amnesia notepad paper. It’s faint, but it features Shin’s symbol, the ace of hearts.

stick and notepad paper
You know a seller likes what they do when they send you handwritten notes. ❤

Anyways, back to the bookmarks. I’m pleased as punch with them. I chose this particular set for pretty much one reason-

toma bookmark
I. love. Toma~!!! This picture of him was just the absolute perfect thing for me~ (in real life- not my crappy photo!)
Look at him there, all smiles. Yeah, I know what’s behind that smile, you insane love-puppy. x3

Even his caption is the best-
TOMA – A diamond of affection and insanity.
Haha, yandere much? Man, I wish the game was localized in english. I want to play through his story so badly. Perhaps because I can empathize with his feelings…

Incidentially, the other characters’ captions are as follows-

SHIN – A shy but earnest heart.
IKKI – A fascinating and tempting spade.
KENT – A cool and rational clover.
UKYO – A mysterious joker. His image is the moon.

I do love the images of all the boys on this though. Well, Ukyo’s is kind of awkward, seems a little too “zoomed in” to me. I’m very happy that Kent’s picture came out really well, since I opted not to get a figure of him (nor Toma’s figure. I just didn’t care for their design I guess.)

The bookmarks look really good behind the Amnesia One Coin figures:

amnesia collection
Ahh~ my master plan is now complete~

So if you liked anything (or everything!) posted here, check out duckie’s Amnesia sales. :3

Amnesia Invasion

amnesia psp game artwork
I love visual novels, and lately I’ve been into otome games. Amnesia is one such game, from Otomate, whose parent company is Idea Factory. I watched the anime based on the game, and became a fan. I even started the PSP game thanks to all the guides available online. Until finally, I started buying some collectibles. These just arrived yesterday from a wonderful seller on livejournal, duckie405.

amnesia collectables
This image is from the listing. It’s what I stared at, for what seemed like forever, until I could order them xD.

On the left is a bag with cookies, and the right is a set of clear bookmarks. First up, we’ll talk about the bag.

amnesia cafe uniform cookie bag set
Freshly opened, we have the packaging, five cookies, and the bag (still folded). It’s really shiny, and feels like satin. Measuring across the top, it’s 5 3/4 inches wide, and about 5 inches tall. I think it’s perfectly miniature~ not that I really plan to use it for anything but display.

The design on the bag is based on the characters’ uniforms they wear when working at the cafe~ So sexy~ x3

shin toma cafe uniform
Shin and Toma ❤

chef side flat bag
Above is the “chef style” uniform that Shin and Kent wear. Below is the “waiter style” uniform that Ikki and Toma wear.

waiter side bag flat

The bottom of the bag is sewn in such a way that it’s mean to “pop out” and stand upright like this:

chef side bag upright
The colors of the bag are a lot more accurate in these two photos. The first ones came out a little too dark and vivid, the colors are actually a bit muted.

waiter side bag upright

Here is the bottom with the Amnesia logo:
amnesia bag bottom
-copyright Idea Factory . Design Factory /「AMNESIA」(Japanese text)-

amnesia bag bottom side

I love the fact that this is a drawstring bag. For some reason it’s cuter that way~ and it’s convienent for the photos you’ll see at the end of this post, hehe.

amnesia bag closed

What came in the bag was some cute little cookies shaped like cherry blossoms~! Kawaii~!!

amnesia cookies
Five cookies and a tasty packet of silica gel. Mmm, chemicals.

I opened one up, and…

amnesia cookie opened

Though truthfully, I was hesitant to eat it. Something about getting food from another country, by mail order always just makes me think… is this FOOD? And, if I eat it, it’ll be gone. FOREVER.

Anyways, I did eat it. It was good, but a bit unusual. It smelled like a flower with a lot of sugar on it. It tasted like it was supposed to be strawberry, but it also made me think of soap. :/ Yeah… I know what you are thinking… Floral strawberry soap with sugar?? xD But it was good, despite being, uh, different. If I had a whole box of them, I’d probably plow through them, heh.

And now for some fun~!

kaki kito in amnesia uniform bag
Nice to meet you, I’m Kitou Kaki aka Grumpyface. (Kitou is from the novels/game Hanaoni.)

LOL He almost looks like Shin! They sure are a couple of sourpusses. And I seem to have a thing for putting plush toys into bags… *cough*link*cough*

And some more nonsense~

bjd in amnesia bag
My bjd, Ren.

Hahahaha! What am I doing? All in all, I really love this set. Maybe someday I’ll make my doll a real cosplay of this. I just love uniforms~ ❤

Aw geez, already out of time today. We'll have to talk about the bookmark set another day. Look forward to it, they are AMAZING. : D [Edit: cont. here]

And remember to grab your collectibles at duckie405‘s livejournal. x3