Unboxing Kanato & Shuu – Union Creative figures

They came in the mail yesterday!! And dear lord the parcel was HUGE. (It didn’t help I had Alter’s 1/8 Archer in there too, hehe.) btw important announcement at the bottom of this post. please notice! orz

Like seriously! these boxes are a bit over a foot tall! They look nice, but man they are big.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

Honestly, I like this type better than window-box display. I want big pictures, not some hard-to-see-thru-layers-of-plastic nonsense. I wish these had official artwork from the game though. Well, at least they aren’t tainted by the anime renditions (not that the anime looks bad! I really like it! I’m just so picky with printed art.)

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

The front opens, um, like a door. If that makes any sense.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

I lifted them out of the box and pulled off the top clear case. The bases are to the left of each one.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

Yup, weird triangle bases. Kanato’s has four pegs, and Shuu’s has two pegs. Also that’s Shuu’s jacket. It slips on and off easily, really cool!

Ok well, here they are~

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure
And omg omg- ERMAHGERD! I was SHOCKED at how much more I liked them in real life.

I really anticipated these figures, but was still a little unsure if they’d look as awesome as my other scales. My stupid photos don’t really do them justice (they really don’t! For some reason their shirts look a little blue but they aren’t.) They style feels different than how Alter does their figures, but I think they are just as impressive!

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

There’s a lot of little details, like the seams and simulated stitching and stuff. I like how they took the time to give them different skintones, since Kanato is supposed to be noticeably pale. They even painted their fingernails?!

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

It’s a shame Union couldn’t add in the cord that should go from the mp3 player on his choker to his ear. He’s obviously supposed to be holding an earbud, like the official artwork.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu

So pretty… I’m glad Union used the game’s art as a reference. They obviously used the anime as a reference as well, and I can’t really blame them. It’s hard taking something that’s 2D and making it 3D, especially when the source artwork is really traditional with a lot of complicated shading. The anime has pretty consistent imagery of the characters from many angles, makes it easier I think. These figures are a pretty good mix of both influences. 🙂

And now some pics of them together! Yay!

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

Oh and Kanato’s bear can be shifted out of his arms. Actually, I had to move it to get the packing plastic out. Teddy (not pictured, oops) looks pretty good on his own despite having the necessary indentations.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

I kind of want to make him hold a watermelon or something…

wait a minute…

I have an idea-

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

AHEM. Moving on. >.>

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was also surprised by how big the figures themselves were. Union didn’t really list a scale, and I didn’t look at the height in cm ahead of time.

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure uta no prince

DEFINITELY NOT 1/8 SCALE OMG. Look at how they tower over my Uta no Prince 1/8 scales! The idols have been dwarfed! X’D

So are they kind of like 1/7 then? I dunno but they look good from across my room. Even amidst all the clutter and stuff I keep on my dresser. ^_^

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure


diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

diabolik lovers kanato shuu union creative menshdge figure

So that’s the Diabolik Lovers figures of Kanato and Shuu Sakamaki, brought to us by Union Creative in their mensHdge line. Here’s hoping they sold well enough to get more characters ;_;

diabolik lovers kanato shuu reiji subaru laito ayato

You can email them too and they reply in english.
info@union-creative . jp (without spaces of course)

Kirito GGO ver. Sega prize figure

kirito ggo sega prize figure

I like Kirito, in all of his forms, but somehow the first figure I chose to buy was his Gun Gale Online avatar, which doesn’t appear until Sword Art Online II. So far I’ve had a good haul when it comes to Sega prize figures, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Gotta just love Kirito’s girly avatar in the anime:

Whee!!! Look at him go! xD

ok ok, on to business. Here’s Sega’s new Kirito!

kirito ggo sega prize figure
I just love how he’s shown actually using both his main and secondary weapons.

Now, let’s turn off that sunset:

Above is probably my best shot, but we’ll turn the figure all around.
(and remember you can see the pictures fullsize in a new tab or saved. duh.)

The light grey rock here is holding him up. The weight of the figure is pretty balanced, but if its gonna bend it’ll be back towards that rock, not his back foot (the one without a peg).

His hair and waist wrap are made of a softer, bendable plastic. Some noticeable seams here and there, but a great sculpt and pretty good paint job (especially for a prize figure).

Now a closer look at his face. Very pretty!! (which makes me happy but I can’t stop laughing at the thought of Kirito… pretty… pfft!!!)

A few pictures of his box:

Here’s his base. It’s simple, but honestly I’m glad it’s a circle, because then he’ll look good turned from any angle, even if the words dictate “the front”.

His photon sword is pretty dang cool. The hilt actually has some molded details, but they are so small they hardly show on camera.

The beam has a gradation from clear to purple, which is cool even if it’s not as gradual as I’d like. It’s made of very stiff plastic and is properly straight. No awkwardly curved swords here! :]

Let’s talk about the most annoying goofs:

I do NOT like this part on his hair. It’s a seam where they cut the plastic from the mold, I assume. UGH.

This one below isn’t so bad. (also you can see the paint lines are pretty close which is good.)

The paint they used on that hexagon plate of armor on his sleeve uses a kind of sparkly paint to simulate metal. The downside is on mine, the paint sprayed all over his shoulder and bit in front (not seen here). The upside is that it only really shows along the wrinkles in his jacket, so I can just pass it off as “Gun Gale dirt” or gun residue since he’s fighting. Meh.

They totally didn’t paint under his hand! LOL. You can’t see it much when he’s actually holding the sword, but still. OH BUT!! You can almost see his painted fingernails here. Yeah, they painted his fingernails with a really faint peach color. It’s nice!!

A few more fun shots:

Well that concludes Kirito’s GGO figure from Sega! I absolutely love it! His pose just hits the spot for me. Besides, it’s Kirito… Maybe next time I’ll get a Kirito with short hair, LOL.

Kudo Shinichi Sega prize figure

During my seemingly futile quest to watch every episode, movie, and special of Detective Conan I’ve taken a look at the figures on the market from time to time. Until recently, the releases were pretty disappointing- doughy sculpts, mediocre paint, and some were just downright odd with giant hands and feet. Last year we were graced with a fantastic Kaito Kid prize figure, and this year we have the great detective himself, Kudo Shinichi!

shinichi kaito sega prize figure

Hot damn.

Now, there are two versions of this figure. This is the matte version that I believe is obtained from UFO catcher machines and whatever prize games they have in Japan. The other version has metallic paint job and is won in the lucky kuji (lottery).

Seriously this figure looks really good! His head sculpt is so crisp and the hair is fantastic, even on his sideburns and nape of his neck they sculpted varying lengths of hair. The eyes look great up close and far away; they’re decals much like Kaito’s. These two were obviously made for each other. (not like that you shipping fangirls!!!)

Here we have the detective implicating the thief:

kaito shinichi sega prize figure

Shinichi’s school uniform has a lot of nice folds and creases in all the right places. I really love the pant seams that run down each side, a nice touch for a subtle outfit. His shoes are simple but they have some definition for the soles. The paint is done rather well too. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this is a cheap prize figure as opposed to a legit scale figure. His green tie looks pretty solid and doesn’t go outside the lines, but the white paint of his shirt leaves a bit to be desired. It just seems a bit thin, on mine you can see a bit of blue on the back collar showing through. Aside from that one, I can’t see any flaws unless I’m examining him very closely.

However, there is one glaring problem:

shinichi kaito sega prize figure

Come on! They were obviously sculpted with the same style! Same company, both prize figures. WHY?? Maybe it isn’t obvious enough in this photo, but it looks really strange, since they are so close to the same scale, but one is just a tad smaller overall like he’s been hit with a shrink ray. Guess I’ll just have to hide it by putting them on different parts of the shelf.

Then I realized there was a bright side to this problem:

shinichi kaito sega prize

He looks pretty good next to the World Collectible Figures of Conan and Haibara! These two were too small next to Kaito, but it’s pretty great putting Conan next to Shinichi. He’s really beside himself. (haha! pun intended, forgive me.) No seriously it’s kind of like the sort of thing I see on posters and promotional art. Also, check out Shinichi’s shadow! I bet with the right light he’d leave a great silhouette.

Incidentally, there’s also a WCF for Ran. She’s pictured with a keychain of Conan from Swing Collection series 1. They fit really nicely together.

shinichi conan wcf

And I might as well post a photo of the two Kaito’s. They really are identical figures, just the one arm and cape are different. (oh and the decal on the base.)

kaito sega prize variant

Personally I like the “prize B” figure better, with the dynamic flowing cape. He looks epic placed on the top corner of a shelf. Still, I ended up buying “prize A” as well, since I like that you can see more of his suit and he’s doing one of his tricks, showing the magician that he is.

shinichi sega prize

Overall I’m very satisfied with the Shinichi prize figure. Honestly, I was really surprised he even got something like a scale figure at all. He’s not really present in the series all that often (and we hardly see him go to school!) Still, this high school detective is such a clever guy and just SO cool! In the realm of figure-collecting he does have a rather mundane design, but the crisp sculpt, and his dynamic and in-character pose make the grade. There you have it, the great Kudo Shinichi! 😀

Aki meets Uta no Prince-sama

Remember when this blog was first started solely for sharing the artistic works of Aki ( あき )? Well, it seems I’ve forgotten that, lol. My apologies to those wanting some more pictures of Angel’s Doubt, I’m really behind! The fact that the manga is on indefinite hiatus put a damper on things…

Anyways!! I just came across this today, and felt like sharing~

uta no prince anthology manga aki
Uta no Prince-sama Anthology!

When I saw it, I did a double take, thinking their expressions looked awfully familiar. Then I noticed the watercolor-style and clicked to read the cover. Sure enough it says, “COVER あき” in really small print. Kya~~~! Aki-sensei drew Otoya and Masato~!!! and now Natsuki is worth looking at! XD

Even though it appears she didn’t write a story for the book, I think the other boys are featured on a color page within the book. There is also this inside:

uta no prince anthology manga aki
I’d like to see Syo-kun’s color picture. x3

Here is the cover without the outer sleeve:
uta no prince anthology aki manga

Speaking of Uta no Prince-sama, this arrived in my mail yesterday!

otoya ittoki uta no prince atler 1/8
8D ~!!!
Isn’t Otoya just great?! I actually liked this figure before knowing much about Utapuri. (I’ve since watched the anime out of obligation. xD I liked it~) I was sold on this figure when I saw he looked good from all angles. His design and pose is really well-balanced.

otoya ittoki uta no prince alter 1/8
This is actually my first 1/8 scale! I’ve seen plenty up close before at a friend’s, but I usually go for trading figures. I surmised a figure from Alter would be a good choice.

Otoya and Tokiya’s 1/8 are being reissued for release this December, so get one while you can~! I’m really looking forward to some of the other boys that were announced for release too. : ]

A scale of Half-Age figures

So I’m a bit late in the game on this one, but I’m in love with the many series of Half-Age figures that have been popping up! I just got my first sets in today, Persona 4 and Tiger and Bunny vol 1.

half age persona 4 tiger and bunny

Seriously loving this almost-but-not-quite-chibi scale. I haven’t even played Persona 4, and I know next to nothing about Tiger and Bunny (gasp! what is wrong with me?) but these are just adorable. I got them at a really good price at Hobby Link Japan so that was an incentive as well. I think I’ve decided to collect the ones with food-

persona 4 half age figure
Yukiko: OH NOES!
Chie: Hey, watch it!
Nanako: … *stares*

Two of them in Tiger and Bunny vol. 1 also have food (but they haven’t been deboxed yet). And there’s a couple from Blue Exorcist that’d go good in a tiny kitchen. Now if only Bandai would make a Half-Age line for a show I’ve actually seen… (I take it back, they did do some Gundam girls. Too bad Sayla’s wasn’t a wide release…)

Then again it might be best they don’t release too many of these. I wouldn’t be able to resist! xD