Grell and Sebastian sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – aka How I met some Voice Actors

This song. THIS SONG.

An amazing individual made this song (in fact Coffinjockey states, “So I decided to do a duet with myself”), and played it for Daniel Frederick, voice actor of Grell in the English dub of Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.

It was HILARIOUS!! Frederick obviously enjoyed it very much, and I, the lucky bystander that just had gotten an autograph from said actor, enjoyed the whole scene as well. I begged him to put the song on Youtube, and here it is! Wonderful~!! (Hurry and go Like the vid you smucks!)

renge ouran monica rial
That same day I was lucky enough to meet a few other voice actors, including Monica Rial. Not only has Rial done plenty of voice work, but also is a script writer for english dubs! We had a nice, and very brief, chat on how hard it really is to adapt a literally translated script, and make it the fun and easy-to-follow dialouge we enjoy in English dubs. I think she appreciated being noticed for more than just voice work~ and honestly I am a big fan of script writers, translators, and anyone that does adaptation/localization. It’s tough work!!!

kogoro mouri richard moore case closed bruce elliot
Later on I met R. Bruce Elliot, voice of, and I quote, “the debonair Richard Moore” (his words not mine! lol!! I adore Richard ❤ ) of Case Closed, and Kanbei of Samurai 7. I had an extra collectible figure of Kanbei, so I decided to give it to Elliot.

figure kanbei samurai 7 bruce elliot
He was thrilled!! He looked at it in wonder, saying, “Wha- Where did you find something like this??” He was utterly fascinated, seeing as he goes to very few anime gatherings, and I assume has little knowledge of the fandom itself, despite working in the voice acting industry. He does know his movies though, as it turns out he loves Kurosawa’s original film “Seven Samurai”. Meeting him was better than I would have imagined; he thanked me several times, even as his next fan in line came, and he saw me in the distance and said his thanks again!! Wow, I’m glad he liked the figure!!

What a day. I’m glad I found the time to go to a convention for a few hours! 😀

Levi wants to be taller (Attack on Titan)

Long story short, I have been watching Attack on Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin ( 進撃の巨人 ).
Youtube was nice enough to bring this to my attention:

“I Wanna be Tall by Levi”

It’s a parody of the anime’s opening theme, and the fact that Captain Levi is only 160cm tall. He doesn’t appear to actually have an inferiority complex over his height, but it sure is funny to imagine. The video’s images are pretty self-explanatory, but if you’d like to sing along, I painstakingly typed out the lyrics here. The video has its own credits, so I’m not going to bother listing them.

Lyrics are basically expressing that his “height is not enough!” xD

背伸びしても / 足りぬ背か
Senobi shite mo / tarinu se ka!

身長ほしいなあ / 身長ほしいなあ
Shinchō hoshī nā / Shinchō hoshī nā

とびえる棚の / 本さえ取れずに
Tobi eru tana no / Hon sae torezu ni

背の低いチビは / 台を待ちわびる
Senohikui chibi wa / Dai o machiwabiru

祈ったところで / 何も変わらない
Inotta tokoro de / Nanimokawaranai

背丈変えるのは / イリザロフ法だ
Setake kaeru no wa / Irizarofu-hōda (Ilizarov’s method)

Tōrushūzu haki soroe

歩む / 意思を / 笑う / デカよ
Ayumu / Ishi o / Warau / Deka yo

小型の人間 / 虚偽の身長
Kogata no ningen / Kyogi no shinchō

Igen hozen no jiyū o

背の順の屈辱は / 恥じらいの極致だ
Se no jun no kutsujoku wa / Hajirai no kyokuchida

渇望の / その彼方 / 誰もが嫉(そね)む
Katsubō no / sono kanata / Daremoga sone mu


リヴァイ兵長 / エドワード・エルリック
Rivuai heichou (Levi) / Edowādo Erurikku (Edward Elric)

ベジータ / 岡村 隆史
Bejīta (Vegeta) / Okamura Takashi

猫ひろし / ザ・たっち
Neko Hiroshi / Za tāchi (The Touch)

Raruku no haido (L’Arc Hide)

身長ほしいなあ / 身長ほしいなあ
Shinchō hoshī nā / Shinchō hoshī nā

Se ga tarinē


I just about died when the singer started listing famous persons that are also notably short in stature. xD I mean really, who wouldn’t think of Edward Elric?!

{updated} We now interrupt…

…your regular programming with a breaking news bulletin:
{special edit below!!!}

Though it doesn’t appear to be a standard one, there will be an issue of Kurofune Zero coming out October 10th! Yes yes yes yes yes~~~ there is hope for the magazine yet~!

kurofune zero special issue listing
Screencap from publisher Libre online shop.

I don’t generally post news, but I’ve been waiting for any kind of sign that there’d be another issue to this magazine. Hopefully there will be a standard issue soon? I want new manga chapters… Y_Y

source: Shop Libre

EDIT: they updated the site to show the magazine cover~! for more reporting go here.

Auction nonsense~

Ok so this post is pretty much filler but I just felt like sharing my excitement! *squeals*

I won!
I WON~!!!! XD bahahahahaha~!

-this drama CD for Utahime, with a lovely little postcard:

utahime drama cd and postcard
Oh, and yeah, all the images in this post are blatantly taken from auction listings.

I’d been wanting the drama CD for awhile, but haven’t gotten around the buying it and the pile of things I want/need off Amazon Japan. I’ve never really listened to a drama CD before to be honest, but I’m thinking it’s like a radio show. I’m hoping that since characters in Utahime sing, I’ll get to hear what their song sounds like~! SO DON’T POST ANY SPOILERS FOR ME!! Ok? :3 I want to find out what it’s like when it arrives. Shh~!! No talking allowed. XD
No seriously I’ll %@$#ing kill you if you utter a single word about the cd.

So anyways, I’m glad I held off on buying it since I can’t resist a delicious postcard. Yum~~ soft pastel tastiness. It wouldn’t be much fun to buy the CD twice just to get it. (I already did that once before, so I have a duplicate issue of Kurofune.) When it comes home to me, I’ll be sure to give you guys a scan. It could be awhile though, since the deputy service that lets me buy this stuff, also lets me hold stuff at their warehouse for a few months. That way if I buy more stuff I can ship it all at once later, so I’m pinching pennies where I can.

And now! for stuff I wanted but couldn’t get (or rather, decided I couldn’t afford to begin with):

kurofune zero mug

A mug promoting Kurofune Zero~! Isn’t it just dreamy? It seems Kurofune’s signature style is synonimous with Force’s usual flair. Not surprising, since he’s on the cover most the time. (I’m also sure he’s one of the magazine’s biggest selling points. Too bad he didn’t rake in more sales though… I digress.)

kurofune zero mug cup
Oh~ what I would have given to have you~ …which was obviously less than what it costs to ship you overseas >_>;;

And I want this set of items:

Force angels doubt kurofune card

…but again can’t justify buying it since it’s not like I don’t already have these illustrations on the books themselves. ARG but I want to see how the book cover looks on the book~! :[

hanamatsuri book cover
Someone buy it and take a photo to show me, lol.

Oh well, I figure, if I can’t have it, I’ll just savor the photo of it. xD
I wonder what I’ll find next? Actually, I’m hoping the next thing to come around will be a new issue of Kurofune Zero. Seriously, its been since February! I hope the magazine hasn’t dropped off… I searched, but didn’t see any news on that. I think I read somewhere there’ll be an issue in October? (That would mean they only skipped the summer issue.) Well, I have my fingers crossed.