Dramatical Murder gets an anime

(and the trailer gets a translation. you’re welcome.)

DMMd anime.
yes yes yes yes!!!


I really love the kind of still format that visual novels provide, but it’ll be great to see the characters flap their yaps and moving around!!! I’m especially interested in seeing how they animate the cyber game “Rhyme” (and maybe we’ll see some brawling “Ribsteez” too!!!) Seriously, the visual novel was pretty vague on what it actually looked like to watch a Rhyme match on the street, since the game is virtual and in the players’ head.

dramatical murder rhyme anime
^It looks cool, but seriously, what the heck is going on here?

Anyways, the dialogue in the trailer is sparse but here it is:

お待たせしました, 皆さん。
Sorry to have kept you waiting, everyone.

Rhyme will begin!

On screen text:
電脳ゲームに -Rhyme- 熱狂する人々…
The cyber game Rhyme excites people…
(alt. translation- makes people crazy…)

Takes place in the shadows.
(alt.- I act from the shadows. maybe?? I think it’s referring to someone.)

spirited away

なんだよ?! これ
What the?! This-

破壊と 死を
Destruction and death.

Heh. Translating is hard enough, but it’s even worse when dealing with cryptic sentence fragments!! Yes, I’m relying very much on dictionaries and translators as well. It’d be easier if I was more familiar with using the language but hey, I’m working on it :p. lol, Aoba’s dialogue was the easiest. (Gee, I’ve NEVER heard a character exclaim in confusion in an anime before. /sarcasm)

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Levi wants to be taller (Attack on Titan)

Long story short, I have been watching Attack on Titan, aka Shingeki no Kyojin ( 進撃の巨人 ).
Youtube was nice enough to bring this to my attention:

“I Wanna be Tall by Levi”

It’s a parody of the anime’s opening theme, and the fact that Captain Levi is only 160cm tall. He doesn’t appear to actually have an inferiority complex over his height, but it sure is funny to imagine. The video’s images are pretty self-explanatory, but if you’d like to sing along, I painstakingly typed out the lyrics here. The video has its own credits, so I’m not going to bother listing them.

Lyrics are basically expressing that his “height is not enough!” xD

背伸びしても / 足りぬ背か
Senobi shite mo / tarinu se ka!

身長ほしいなあ / 身長ほしいなあ
Shinchō hoshī nā / Shinchō hoshī nā

とびえる棚の / 本さえ取れずに
Tobi eru tana no / Hon sae torezu ni

背の低いチビは / 台を待ちわびる
Senohikui chibi wa / Dai o machiwabiru

祈ったところで / 何も変わらない
Inotta tokoro de / Nanimokawaranai

背丈変えるのは / イリザロフ法だ
Setake kaeru no wa / Irizarofu-hōda (Ilizarov’s method)

Tōrushūzu haki soroe

歩む / 意思を / 笑う / デカよ
Ayumu / Ishi o / Warau / Deka yo

小型の人間 / 虚偽の身長
Kogata no ningen / Kyogi no shinchō

Igen hozen no jiyū o

背の順の屈辱は / 恥じらいの極致だ
Se no jun no kutsujoku wa / Hajirai no kyokuchida

渇望の / その彼方 / 誰もが嫉(そね)む
Katsubō no / sono kanata / Daremoga sone mu


リヴァイ兵長 / エドワード・エルリック
Rivuai heichou (Levi) / Edowādo Erurikku (Edward Elric)

ベジータ / 岡村 隆史
Bejīta (Vegeta) / Okamura Takashi

猫ひろし / ザ・たっち
Neko Hiroshi / Za tāchi (The Touch)

Raruku no haido (L’Arc Hide)

身長ほしいなあ / 身長ほしいなあ
Shinchō hoshī nā / Shinchō hoshī nā

Se ga tarinē


I just about died when the singer started listing famous persons that are also notably short in stature. xD I mean really, who wouldn’t think of Edward Elric?!