Mystic Messenger – Endings and General FAQ

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Mystic Messenger is like, one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played. Not because the story is weird, no, because the whole setup and interface and requirements and parameters and junk are really gosh darn … innovative. I feel like Cheritz just threw us out to sea without a paddle. x’D

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints
(It’s ok, I’m cool with drowning amidst these hotties. 8D )

So I’m posting here a sort of… spoiler-free guide to what kinds of endings are in the game, and basic hints about what you need to do to get a good end or a bad end or better yet, the other kind of bad end that I couldn’t confirm without the assistance of some other wonderfully helpful players.^^

First, the often asked question of “Why did I get a bad ending?!?! nooo!!!”

Mystic Messenger doesn’t have a status screen that shows you the current affection levels you have with the characters. You do earn hearts, each a different color to indicate which character gave it to you, but those are NOT a perfect indicator of how much likability points you have from them. In fact, some hearts are a sign of “good end affection” and others are for “bad end affection”, and they look identical. @_@ Go figure.

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints
There are also really ugly black, broken hearts in the game. Those are just generally bad all-around. They mean the character has less affection for you. It also takes a heart away from your status bar!

What matters are the choices you make. What kinds of things did you say to the character you are dating? How do you think those words made them feel? Did they, and, just as importantly, the other characters in the room respond happily? Instead of handy-dandy meters or a status bar, we have to ask ourselves this and hope for the best. Personally I found the writing in the chats to be done well enough to give you some clues. And it is ok if you have a couple bad answers, you just have to make sure you don’t have too many. (This game doesn’t require the perfection that Nameless did, thank god.)

There are several different types of bad endings, so I suggest looking at the rest of this post to figure out what went wrong.

“I got a bad end, do I have to start from the beginning?”

Not necessarily. The game has these “Caution” branch points, and it is a good idea to make a save right before those.

mystic messenger caution
Each section of the game is divided by the Caution points. So let’s say you have a save at the Caution at Day 7. Then on Day 9 you hit another Caution, and saved it. But then Day 9 turns into a bad ending! AUGH. Well, rather than start over at Day 1, just open the Day 7 save. You can replay the game from one Caution to the next Caution, and you will always have a chance to get through to the Good Ending. Because, if you didn’t get the Bad End at Day 7, then everything before Day 7 has absolutely no effect what-so-ever on what happens at the Day 9 Caution.

I hope that made sense. The only time you have to start from the beginning is if you don’t have an old save, or you didn’t even make it past Day 5.

I got a bad ending on Day 5, what went wrong?

Days 1 to 4 are part of the Common Route. You have to decide which character you want to romance during this time. When you start a new game, you either choose Casual Story, or Deep Story. You can only go for Zen, Jaehee, and Yoosung in the Casual Story, and Jumin and 707 are in the Deep Story.

When you touch the Caution on Day 4, the game calculates how much affection you have, and decides which character route will begin on Day 5. The Day List will now change to show a character’s picture.

mystic messenger faq day list

After you touch the Caution, and begin Day 5, if there is no character picture, then you didn’t make it to a route. You got Common Route Day 5 instead, which is only a long bad ending. It happens when you don’t have enough affection to start a character route. If you got it on accident, you either didn’t earn enough affection, or earned too much affection from the wrong character (like trying to get Seven or Jumin during Casual Story. It won’t work.)

To get the character you want, just be nice to them more than anyone else, and you can skip the chatrooms that they aren’t in. I personally had a hard time getting Zen, so I skipped the chatrooms that only had Yoosung or Jaehee, so I could avoid their hearts.

Also, for people that want to collect bad ends, there are two different bad endings on Day 5. One during Casual Story, the other in Deep Story. The easiest way to get the Common route bad ends on purpose, is to just ignore the chatrooms. I skipped over the prologue and just let the game run without me for 4 days, lol. Or you can even earn hearts for the wrong characters (like Jumin during the Casual story) and avoid everyone else’s hearts.

“What kinds of endings are in this game?”

There are Good End, Normal End, Bad Story End, and Bad Relationship End. Yeah. Lots of bad endings. Dear god why? D8

To get the Good End you have to, obviously, make it to the end of the route, and have made enough good choices to get past each Caution.

To get the Normal End, do the same thing, just don’t have more than 9 guests at the RFA party. As long as you don’t complete the email, they won’t come. Blue Completed mean they will definitely come to the party. I believe red Completed means they won’t come, and green Completed means they still come, but the email says the guest isn’t sure. (I haven’t tested it much myself.)

Bad Story Ends are at every Caution point. To get those, you need to actively make a lot of bad choices. like… A LOT. It basically has its own hidden meter. See the first question for details.

Bad Relationship Ends are different. Some Caution points have a BRE, along with the Bad Story End, while some Cautions don’t. To get a BRE, you can’t have too many good choices or “good end affection”, but you also have to avoid making too many bad choices too, because then you get too much “bad story end affection”! Easiest way to avoid all that affection? Just skip every chatroom! LOL.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that just skipping every chatroom is not enough to get BRE. You need to make sure you don’t have too much good affection before certain points in the game.  Someone made a FAQ about BRE, and it has been very helpful! Thanks to zentherainbowunicorn! link. 

Also, so far I’ve noticed you can make phone calls during Bad Story Ends, but the phone is literally disabled during the BRE. Cheritz made some calls exclusive to Bad Story Ends, but didn’t even bother programming anything at all during BRE.

BRE’s are interesting, but don’t have any CG’s. I honestly and sincerely recommend doing the first one for Yoosung though. He had a… notably unique BRE at his first Caution point. ^^

Also, since some places don’t have a BRE, you can do an entire section of the game without entering the chat and still pass through towards the good end. After all, you didn’t earn any “bad end affection” right? lol, kind of ridiculous but hey, whatever works I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There is also a bad end at the beginning of the game.

The Prologue actually has an ending snuck in there. It happens before you are shown the main game screen (pictured below), so if you make it there, you missed it.

mystic messenger faq

“I missed some chat rooms, will I get a bad end?”

You can miss a few, or sometimes a lot, of chatrooms and still make your way along the Good path. It’s all about making enough of the right choices, but you don’t have to make ALL of the right choices. As for how many you can miss… it’s kind of hard to say. In my experience, I was able to get along by getting about 50% of each day completed, but I had to get pretty much every answer in those chats right. Besides, missing that much game time is kind of sad since you miss out on a lot of interaction and character development. But honestly, you don’t actually HAVE to kill yourself with chats that show up when you are asleep. (Of course, that doesn’t stop us from trying to get them all though! x’D )

And like I said, I haven’t seen an exact formula on how much affection you need. Just try to get what you can. And if you missed too many and got a bad end, just reload from right before the last Caution, and use some Hourglasses to unlock your missed chats to try and earn more affection. It has been proven that you do earn affection from missed chats that you unlocked with Hourglasses. : )

I keep trying to get the good ending, but I don’t know what the characters want me to say.

There’s a lot to learn from Mystic Messenger, some lessons like how to treat other people. You should treat the characters like you would a real person. People usually like to be with people that are caring and understanding, but are also capable of keeping calm in tough situations. Being a hyper-possessive and disrespectful jerk is usually a huge turn-off! xD

Sometimes things in that happen in life can really make you mad, but take a breath and think about how what you say affects other people. This includes not only your lover, but also your friends, and even your enemies.
If all else fails, there are plenty of in-depth walkthroughs online, some linked at the end of this post.

I need to go back to Day 1, how do I do that?! I’m stuck in a route.

Never fear! The answer is here!
All you need to do is go to the Settings and click on “Start Over” to delete the current game in progress. Don’t worry, it won’t delete your album, Guest list, save files, nor anything you’ve unlocked. The only thing it does is send your current story to the beginning. You can click on Original Story from the main menu, and choose Casual Story or Deep Story to begin again. : )

mystic messenger start over

Also, I want to mention, if you have any glitches or bugs in your game, you need to Contact Cheritz using the in-game function. They also take suggestions there, that is the only place they really listen to us! Facebook and regular email is mostly ignored. If you can’t open the app, this is a link to the bug report form- click here.

How do I unlock Deep Story?

The only way to unlock it is by paying 80 Hourglasses, just as it asks when you click on it.

When does the game charge me Hourglasses? What are they for?

Hourglasses can be used to unlock many things in the game. It is important to know that the game will ALWAYS ask you first before they are spent. A dialogue box pops up saying how many HG will be spent, and you can choose to cancel.

You can use 5 HG to call a character. There is no guarantee they will answer, you might get voicemail. You can use a guide to find calls, but if you want to find them all (and try all choices), it costs a lot less to just buy a calling card. I think it’s more fun finding calls that way too.

You can unlock missed chatrooms by clicking the square next to the room name. This will let you participate and talk in that room, and earn more affection that will affect the story. Very helpful if you need more affection. If the chatroom had an Incoming Call attached to it though, that will still be missed.

If you touch “Continue…” in the chatroom list, you can start to Speedplay. The game will unlock the next 24 hours of chats and they are shown on the Day List immediately. The game does NOT pause when you do this though. It doesn’t wait until you’ve finished the 24hr chats to continue loading new rooms. So if you unlocked Day 2 chatrooms from 10:00 to Day 3 10:00, then the game will still load the next chats for Day 3 on schedule (every couple hours), even though you are still playing the ones on Day 2.

Hourglasses are also used in saving and loading…

Free users get at least one save slot for use. The rest are locked, and you can click to unlock one with HG. Once it is unlocked you can use it over and over again, forever.

mystic messenger save

All users have to pay 5 HG to manually load a file from the load screen. This is to prevent game abuse by farming hearts and HG. It will only charge you when you go to your save files, not when you open the game. When you open the app, it automatically loads the current game in-progress, and it will never charge you for the auto-load.

What are the After Stories? How do I get them?

There is an After Story for each character, and you get access to them by getting the Good End from a route. (You can’t get them from Normal End.) To get Secret 1, you need to get Seven’s Good End. I recommend playing his After Story first, because those events take place before Secret. To get Secret 2, you need to finish Secret 1. Every after story charges you HG to unlock and read them. You also get to hear some free talk from the voice actors, which is really cool.

I have a playthru saved in the Extra. What happens when I play the route again?

The Extra menu saves EVERYTHING you do in chatrooms and phone calls. So if you play a chatroom twice, and pick different choices, all those choices will be available to play again in the Extra menu. It also saves the Bad Ending chatrooms and VN’s in addition to the ones you get for the Good End.
Nothing will be overwritten, just added to. ^^

Do I lose my Hourglasses when I start a new game?

Nope! Your status bar at the top of the screen is linked to your account, not the current route nor game file. Hourglasses and hearts only decrease when you use them on something. They will still be there when you start over.

I recommend making an account with your email address (join the RFA) instead of using a guest account. That way if something goes wrong, Cheritz will be able to help you.


That’s all I got for now. I hope this was a bit helpful to the players out there. ^^;;
(actually, I was surprised to find so many people came here. :O )

For more more guides and help, this post is a collection of helpful links- click here.

mystic messenger ending guide faq hints