stupid Kimi no Na wa rant aka I think I already read this?

Ok. so. this movie is a big deal. It’s huge! (also this post isn’t spoiler-free.)

But I just… have to know. Has anyone already read a similar story?
Like say, perhaps…

Calling You by Otsuichi (who is an excellent author I will add.)

Yeah, I know the story goes differently, but come on. Secret communication between two people with a strange ability. Time distortion (which comes as a shock later on.) A heartstring-pulling story between a boy and a girl. Trying to change the future/past.

That short story STILL makes my heart ache, and my mind go nuts at the interesting concept. Because Otsuichi’s work is dear to me, I feel like this big hyped movie going around is a kind of a rip-off. But then, pretty much everything is a rip-off or inspired by something else. And I unabashedly enjoy such works, I’m sure.

I just really wanted to rant about it a bit. I bet the movie is a masterpiece, plus it has technical aspects not found in literary works (sound, color, pacing, budget…). But still, the main plot makes me itch a bit. Has anyone else out there read Calling You or similar stories?

And just in case, I don’t mean to bash Kimi no Na wa. I just wanted to point out a similar short story had been written. I wonder if people are saying KnNw has a unique premise- never seen before! Which would kind of suck. Plus body swapping has been done a lot, though usually comically (but less comical in a manga called Metamo Kiss.) But one could definitely say it is a premise that was done exceptionally well in KnNw. And that’s pretty cool.

T_T but… but Otsuichi… ok… I’m done. ^^;;